Released a Video Session on「Hands On: Drill in Functionality in Zendesk Explore」#Devio2023



Hemanth from the Department of Alliance. For DevelopersIO 2023, i released a video session on youtube called "Hands On: Drill in Functionality in Zendesk Explore"


Zendesk drill-in Functionality is a feature that enables you to fine-tune your reports by slicing metrics using additional attributes that are selected or by allowing the report viewer to select from a variety of attributes. It provides greater flexibility and power for delving into your data. 


Table of Contents

00:00 Opening

00:34 Self-Introduction

02:13 What is Zendesk

03:26 Getting Started with Reporting

04:59 Drill in Functionality of Zendesk Explore

06:21 Hands-on



It is possible to create great customer experiences by exploring Zendesk, Zendesk Explore, and the practical demonstration of "drill-in" features. Through "drill-in" you can hone reports by adding qualities or letting viewers select from a variety of possibilities. This enhances your capacity to offer first-rate service by enabling deeper insights and personalized analyses.