Tableau Prep enhancement – column reordering made easy





With the recent release of Tableau 2022.2, it is now possible to reorder the columns while transforming the data. We can take a detailed look at how to achieve it in this post.

Column Reordering Enhancements:

Let us consider a flow as shown below which has a cleanup, a union and an aggregation step.

Now with the new release it is possible to reorder the columns at any of those transformation steps. Click on any transformation icon to open up the detailed panel and then click the field list view as shown below.

Next, select the column name which needs to be repositioned by clicking on it and drag-and-drop that field at a suitable place.

To reposition multiple columns at the same time, select those column names by holding the “Ctrl” button and clicking on those column names. Finally all the selected columns can be repositioned by drag-and-drop to a suitable place.

This column alignment will be maintained throughout the downstream flow and it can be verified at the final output step as shown below.


With the latest enhancement in Tableau Prep, it is now possible to reorder columns during the transformation step.