I am Anchal Gupta and I joined Classmethod CX/Delivery department



I am Anchal Gupta and I am from Bengaluru, India. I have completed my Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering in August, 2022. I have joined CX/Delivery department in Classmethod Inc. on 1st of November 2022.

About me

I am currently 22 years old. I was born in Uttar Pradesh, India and brought up in Bengaluru, India. I can speak English, Hindi, Kannada and a little bit of Japanese. I have completed my schooling from Nirmala Girls' High School and my pre-university college from SBM Jain College in the year 2018. I enrolled for a course of B.E in CSE in BNM Institute of Technology in the year 2018 and finally graduated in 2022!

I developed an interest in Japanese dramas when I was in high school. The drama which I liked the most was Kamen rider fourze!! I have also watched many tv series and anime. There are 5 members in my family, my mom, dad, elder brother and sister in law. I have a very supportive and caring family.

Work experience

My journey with Yes Mentor Private Limited as SDE Intern

I did my first internship in a company called Yes Mentor in March 2021. This company is situated in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. In my internship I learnt various skills and mostly focused on my frontend development using ReactJS. I also got an amazing experience working in the start-up company. I was also able to improve my UI/UX skills while doing this internship. I also studied backend development and enhanced my skills in NodeJS and ExpressJS. I worked in this company for about 10 months and I gained a lot of knowledge.

My journey with Lo! Foods as Web Developer Intern

Lo! foods is also a startup company based in Bengaluru. I joined this company as an Intern in April 2022. I had an amazing opportunity to learn Shopify and enhance my skills in web development. In this company also I learnt about various design tools and able to create designs on my own. I worked in this company for about 3 months

Learning experience

I like exploring and learning new skills. I started with learning various skills like data science and web development. In web development I was able to learn frontend development using ReactJS, html, css and Shopify. In the backend development, I learnt NodeJS and expressJS and a bit of Java.

Currently, I have an interest to learn about AWS Cloud. I am very excited to have joined Classmethod and explore various tools and skills. I also want to explore redux and nextJS for the frontend development and enhance backend development skills.

Reasons to join Classmethod

I always wanted to explore Japan and Japanese lifestyle. I got an opportunity from college to give interview for Japanese companies. I still remember the time when Classmethod interviewed me. I am very happy to have joined Classmethod cx/delivery department.

Apart from the fact that I like Japan and its culture, I also wanted to join Classmethod because I wanted to learn a lot of AWS cloud, full stack development and also about SaaS. I find myself very lucky to have joined such an amazing company. Till now my experience with Classmethod has been an amazing one. People in Classmethod are very supportive and always ready to help which makes my journey very beautiful and hassle-free.

Hobbies and Interests

I have always had an interest of dancing even though I am a little shy. I also like to read some interesting facts about various countries. I have an interest to explore the cultures of various countries. I like to watch Korean and Japanese dramas and listening to songs. I like cats a lot. I also like to pet birds. I had four love birds and one flew away recently so now I have three birds and my mother is taking care of the birds. I like playing cards also.