I’m Pooja Jadhav and I’ve joined Alliance Engineering Group



I'm Pooja Sunil Jadhav and have joined Classmethod Inc, as an engineer in the Alliance Department.

About me

I was born and raised in Bangalore, India. I've majored in Computer Science and Engineering from New Horizon College of Engineering Bangalore in the month of June 2022. Due to my curiosity in languages ​​has led me to learn a very small portion of French and currently I'm learning Japanese.


I'm a fresher in the workplace and have only attained little experience of internship in web development during the course of my academic year of college.



I'm very fascinated by the various cultures and the beautiful places this world has to offer which I would wish and like to explore in my life.


My tryst with theater has been since childhood but I ended up being a part of it in high school. II really enjoy watching plays, and have tried my hand at directing and writing a few during my college days. Theater helps me to be in control of a narrative that usually doesn't seem possible in real life and it helps me to allow myself to challenge and improve myself creatively .


Even as a child I had a lot to say and elocution had given me the platform to express my thoughts verbally. I enjoy debate, public speaking and many more things. 't offend anyone is the best way to start a healthy conversation.

Reasons to Join Classmethod Inc

As Classmethod stands for the enhancement competitiveness of various companies through "problem solving" and value creation using new tech is something that I also believe in and it's necessary in our current age and time. Working at Classmethod also allows me to experience the vibrant culture Japan has to offer. Apart for that I feel the environment will allow me to grow and expand my knowledge.

About the future

Nobody can decide what their future holds for them but can certainly plan about it. When I think about the future I want to attain the skills that would allow me to implement whatever I've learned in the past and try to contribute however small the percentage is to create a better place for everyone.