Hey , I am BABU TEJASHWINI and I joined CX/DELIVERY department


Hello! I am Babu Tejashwini who joined Classmethod japan as a new employee for the department CX/DELIVERY department.


i'm from INDIA ,BENGALURU and i have finished my engineering in the BNM institute of technology ,I have majored in computer science and engineering and graduated in the year 2022.

I have completed my internship in a startup company as a backend developer working on api's and DBMS for a Spanish client.

I have volunteered events such as teaching ,managing , planting the saplings much more.


For now i like to volunteer ,watch series and movies but as i came to japan i have started a liking for the bicycle so in the future i would like to ride the bicycle to different places in japan.


Trying new things is always my cup of tea and Classmethod is one of it.I felt joining Classmethod would expose me to more resources and would help me grow professionally .Japan is a place which i appreciated so joining to Classmethod japan would help me more to know about the japan

As Classmethod is also working with the AWS cloud and I'm interested in the AWS cloud so i wanted get an exposure of it.

As Classmethod supports creativeness so i was very interested to join the company.


I have completed my internship for the startup company named as Risva Rachana presented in the guragon of India and i was involved in the development of two apps.My role was the backend developer where i created apis and also created and managed the Database.The experience of the internship was my one favorite though it was hard because it made me realize my liking for the coding and creating new things.


In the future i would like to learn more about the development and explore more technical fields and languages ​​such as development in AWS cloud .

Japan is such a beautiful place so i would like to explore and understand more about the Japan's language ,culture ,history and its places.