[Workshop] re:Invent 2023 の Workshop と Builders’ Session のうち、公開されているコンテンツの一覧リストを作成してみた #AWSreInvent


アノテーション テクニカルサポートの川崎です。

先日、Workshop の一覧リスト、Builders' Sessionの一覧リストのエントリをアップしました。

重複を除いた、re:Invent 2023 で実施されたワークショップは 222件 ありました。

同じく、Builders' Session は 67件 ありました。

このうち、セルフペースでも実施できそうな コンテンツ の URL をまとめてみました。

2024年2月29日現在、セルフペースで実施可能な Workshop は、当方調べで 60件 ありました。(前回12/24から 19件 増)

セルフペースで実施可能な Builders' Session は 15件 ありました。(前回1/31から 3件 増)

Workshop 一覧

No.   Lv.   セッションコード セッション名 Builders' Session URL セッション資料 GitHub リポジトリ
1 300 AIM351 Optimize foundation model deployment on Amazon SageMaker English PDF
2 300 AIM371 Build and scale generative AI applications with Amazon Bedrock English PDF
3 300 ANT307 Connect and analyze all your data with zero-ETL approaches English PDF
4 300 ANT312 Using Amazon OpenSearch Service as a vector database for gen AI apps English PDF
5 200 API202 The AWS Step Functions workshop English
6 300 API301 Building event-driven architectures English
7 200 ARC201 Monitoring resilient architectures with AWS Resilience Hub English
8 200 ARC202 Putting cost optimization into practice English PDF
9 300 ARC303 Navigate the storm: Unleashing controlled chaos for resilient systems English PDF
10 300 AUT301 Automotive software development: The Virtual Engineering Workbench English PDF
11 300 BIZ301 Amazon Chime SDK ML-based call analytics English PDF
12 100 COP104 Explore and migrate with VMware Cloud on AWS (sponsored by VMware) English PDF
13 300 COP306 Hands-on experience with Amazon CloudWatch and AWS X-Ray English
14 300 COP345 Hands-on experience with AWS managed open source observability English
PDF repo
15 300 COP347 Set up a secure AWS environment with AWS Control Tower English PDF
16 300 DAT303 Build generative-AI-powered search with Amazon Aurora & Amazon RDS English PDF
17 400 DAT403 Build a web-scale application with purpose-built databases & analytics English PDF repo
18 300 DOP303 Continuous integration and delivery on AWS English
19 300 DOP304 Develop AWS CDK resources to deploy your applications on AWS English
20 300 DOP305 Develop AWS CloudFormation templates to manage your infrastructure English
21 300 DOP308 Accelerate development with Amazon CodeCatalyst custom blueprints English
22 300 ENT307 The Microsoft on AWS adventure game English PDF
23 300 ENT308 Build well-architected mainframe applications on the AWS Cloud English
24 200 EUC201 Getting started with Amazon WorkSpaces English
25 300 FSI302 Beyond chatbots: Unleashing knowledge graphs with generative AI English
26 300 FWM303 Create a cross-platform Flutter application with AWS Amplify English PDF
27 300 FWM304 Build a real-time application with AWS Amplify & AWS AppSync English
28 400 GAM401 Operationalize generative AI applications using LLMOps English PDF
29 300 HYB302 Architecting and deploying applications at the edge English
30 200 IOT203 Automated anomaly detection for smart manufacturing English PDF
31 300 IOT302 The new smart home universe: Designing for Matter in IoT products English PDF
32 300 IOT303 Asset tracking using location-based services and Amazon Sidewalk English PDF
33 300 MAE301 Build a complete livestreaming workflow using automated deployments English PDF
34 300 NET301 Approaches to layered security on Amazon VPC English PDF
35 300 NET302 Become a network support expert: We break it, you fix it English PDF
36 300 NET311 Setting up remote access to Amazon VPC resources English PDF
37 300 OPN301 Accelerate your serverless journey with Powertools for AWS Lambda English PDF
38 300 PEX302 Build intelligent enterprise apps powered by generative AI on AWS English
39 300 PEX303 Building a serverless data consumption platform on AWS English
40 400 PEX403 Application modernization blueprints for Amazon EKS English
41 300 ROB301 Connected worker safety with robots and Terraform English PDF repo
42 300 ROB306 Build a cloud- and AI-powered dancing robot English PDF
43 200 SEC203 Refining IAM permissions like an expert English PDF
44 200 SEC247 Practical data protection and risk assessment for sensitive workloads English PDF
45 300 SEC301 Threat detection and response on AWS English
46 300 SEC302 Zero Trust architecture for service-to-service workloads English
PDF repo
47 300 STG317 Configuring Amazon S3 security settings and access controls English PDF
48 300 STG318 Deploying Amazon S3 in multiple Regions to support global applications English
49 300 SUP301 Continuous cost and sustainability optimization English PDF
50 300 SUP303 Intelligently automating cloud operations English PDF
51 300 SUP304 Operational excellence through automated Trusted Advisor remediations English PDF
52 300 SUP305 Operational resilience using observability and incident detection English PDF
53 300 SUP306 Troubleshooting in the cloud English PDF
54 300 SUS301 Renewable energy assets in the smart home: Managing demand flexibility English PDF
55 200 SVS201 Building a serverless web application for a theme park English PDF
56 200 SVS202 Getting started with serverless patterns English PDF
57 300 SVS302 Building distributed data processing workloads with AWS Step Functions English PDF
58 300 SVS303 Building secure serverless applications workshop English PDF
59 300 SVS304 From serverful to serverless Java English PDF
60 300 SVS306 Serverless observability workshop English PDF

Builders' Session 一覧

No.   Lv.   セッションコード セッション名 Builders' Session URL セッション資料 GitHub リポジトリ
1 300 AIM329 Build a chat assistant with Amazon Bedrock English PDF repo
2 300 CMP329 PyTorch best practices for generative AI & LLM inference architectures English
3 300 DAT306 Improve resilience of database workloads by using chaos engineering English
4 300 FSI303 Build a generative AI assistant to quickly derive insights and value English
5 300 IOT304 Build an automated video monitoring system with AWS IoT and AI/ML English
6 300 NET303 How to manage your network using infrastructure as code English
7 200 NTA206 No-code data lake fast start English
8 300 OPN310 Cedar policy language in action English
9 300 SEC305 Building effective IAM policies English
10 200 SVS206 Building your first serverless application with AWS SAM English
11 200 SVS207 Creating your first API from scratch with OpenAPI and AWS SAM English
12 200 SVS208 Learn testing patterns for serverless, event-driven applications English
13 200 SVS209 Using generative AI to build a serverless registration app English
14 200 SVS215 Write less code: Building applications with a serverless mindset English
15 400 WPS401 Building a secure software factory on AWS with the DoD DevSecOps lens English



  • 100 - Foundational (入門)
  • 200 - Intermediate (中級)
  • 300 - Advanced (上級)
  • 400 - Expert (エキスパート)

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