[REPORT] [NEW LAUNCH] Collaborate within your company and with AWS using AWS re:Post Private #AWSreInvent #SUP205


AWS announced the general availability of AWS re:Post Private at re:Invent 2023. I often use AWS re:Post, especially Knowledge Center helps me a lot. This time, AWS re:Post Private was released and a session was immediately added as a New Launch after the announcement. I participated in this session and here is my report on it.


 Senior leadership at enterprises that are looking to move to the cloud or to accelerate cloud adoption need new ways to scale and improve developers’ productivity. Leaders need to equip their developers with curated knowledge on cloud concepts, drive collaboration within teams, and remove technical roadblocks. Oftentimes, developers exchange technical information in silos via email, instant messages, or offline documents, leading to communication challenges and slower innovation. In this session, learn how to raise the level of cloud knowledge and disseminate best practices, and build your cloud community of practice to drive innovation and collaboration using AWS re:Post Private.


AWS re:Post is an official Q&A service that anyone can ask and answer questions. The newly announced AWS re:Post Private is your own private space to collaborate within your company and with AWS.


  • Challenges with knowledge management and community collaboration
  • Introducing AWS re:Post Private
  • AWS re:Post Private benefits & features
  • Demonstration
  • How to get started

Challenges with knowledge management and community collaboration

Many enterprises have a cloud strategy and builders are implementing the strategy.

  • Discussions are often siloed
  • Lack of a unified knowledege base
  • Building community is slow
  • Training content is scattered

AWS re:Post Private benefits & features


  • Build your cloud community
     - Streamline collaboration and knowledge sharing within your company and with AWS
     - Facilitates real-time knowledge sharing

  • Centralize your knowledge
     - Improve productivity with access to centralized and scalable knowledge

  • Train your teams faster
     - Access to AWS curated training and technical content

  • Reuse responses from AWS Support
     - Convert AWS Support cases into reusable knowledge for your teams

You decide the access and customize your re:Post

  • Access
     - User login for your org is set by you(SSO、Active Directory、SAML)

  • Configure
     - Specify a subdomain access URL, customize your private re:Post as per your branding and logo

  • Define Roles
     - Define user roles - admins, moderators, experts

Centralize your proprietary AWS knowledge

  • Organized content
     - Content is organized by AWS topics and tags, and you create your own custom tags

  • Curated content
     - AWS provides curated content for faster onboarding

  • Proprietary content
     - Your team creates content specific to your AWS workload, and you can ingest your proprietary AWS knowledge

Scale your private cloud community

  • Gamification
     - Showcase expertise by earning points

  • Experts review
     - Answers are marked as reviewed by experts and/or AWS employees

  • Notifications
     - Follow specific questions, topics, and community experts to stay notified

User experience

This is a high-level flow.

AWS re:Post Private pricing

AWS re:Post Private offers two pricing plans, the AWS Free Tier and the Standard Tier.

  • The Free Tier:
    -> You can get started with re:Post Private for free for 6 months.
    -> It will automatically upgrade to Standard Tier after 6 months.
    -> There is no limit on the amount of users. -> Content storage is limited to 10GB. If the storage limit is reached, the Free Tier plan will be converted to the paid Standard Tier.

  • The Standard Tier:
    -> $12 per user per month
    -> Content storage is limited to 100GB. If the storage limit is reached, Standard Tier customers can contact AWS to request additional content storage.

Create your re:Post Private from AWS Console

Create private re:Post

AWS re:Post Private is available in the following AWS Regions:

  • US West (Oregon)
  • Europe (Frankfurt)

Let's see AWS re:Post private console.

Enter information that is required, and click Create this re:Post. It takes about 30 minutes to create private re:Post.

Configure your private re:Post

You can configure the following settings for your private re:Post.

  • Customize the user interface
  • Add custom tags to classify your organizational knowledge
  • Blocked from using in your content
  • Select AWS topics of interest for your organizational developers

AWS speakers explained some settings earlier, and they also elaborated on the features in detail during the demonstration.

  • Customize primary color and button color
  • Change logo
  • Add custom tags and blocked terminology
    *By default AWS restricts terminology and phrases that are sensitive or vulgar in nature.
  • There is a list of different topics, so you can choose the ones you are interested in.

Log in and complete profile

After your configure and launch your private re:Post, complete your profile.

  • Screen name
    *This is the display name that will appear on your posts.
  • Email for notifications
  • Interface and notifications language
  • Content language
    *Currently available languages are English, French, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Search contents from AWS re:Post Private

If you search keywords from a search bar on your AWS re:Post Private page, you will see results and also you can switch tabs to view results within re:Post or re:Post Private.

There are other ways to find content.

  • Selections
    You can find AWS knowledge for a specific topic, technical issue, or use case.

  • Community Groups
    Browse through the community groups, follow your group of interest to stay engaged, and browse and follow community group members to stay informed with notifications on their activity.

Create AWS Support cases and reuse knowledge from case correspondence

If you can't find the information that you're looking for in your private re:post, you can ask a question. If your question hasn't been resolved, you can then convert it into an AWS Support case.

You can create a case from your question only if both of these conditions are true:

  • You posted the question at least 12 hours earlier.
  • Your question doesn't have an accepted answer.

I had a question about the response time from AWS Support. If I create an AWS Support case from a private repost, will the response time align with the contracted plan? The answer is "Yes". It's exactly the same thing as converting your question to an AWS Support case from your private repost and creating an AWS Support case directly.

How to get started

Try AWS re:Post Private today. Free Tier for 6 months!


I learned some impressive features and how to create and configure my private repost throughout this session. Impressive features for me include centralizing knowledge, easily sharing information within the team, and converting a question to an AWS support case if it hasn't been resolved. The answer from AWS support will provide reusable knowledge, enabling you to build your own knowledge base. I believe these features enhance work efficiency, skills and knowledge.

If you are interested in AWS re:Post, please check it out.


AWS re:Invent 2023- Collaborate within your company and with AWS using AWS re:Post Private (SUP205)

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