Alteryx: End of 32-bit Database Connection




Alteryx Platform up to 2021.2 versions will support 32-bit and 64-bit database connections. However, from the 2021.3 version and onwards, Alteryx plans to stop supporting 32-bit database connections, this may happen by the end of 2021. Support for 32-bit data connections will likely continue till June 2023.

Why Now

Recently, as 32-bit data connections are becoming obsolete and less popular. 64-bit data connectors on the other hand have better performance resulting in the improvement of Alteryx workflow’s efficiency, as a result they are considered the industry standard.

End of Alteryx support for 32-bit data connections in the future would have some impact on the customers, such as the need to upgrade existing hardware and software for databases.

You can see the existing data connections in the “ODBC Data Source Administrator” menu by searching for keyword: ODBC in the windows search bar. These connections can be identified if they exist in any workflows or gallery.

In order to upgrade to 64-bit connections, please identify whether the database supports 64-bit connections, if it does not then first you have to upgrade the database to allow 64-bit connections. Next, you have to install the 64-bit drivers for that database on your machine (and Alteryx Server Machine). Configure a DSN with the new 64-bit driver and test the connection. Finally update the workflows with new connections.


Alteryx plans to end 32-bit data connections in this year, it's time to prepare yourself well in advance for this transition.