A Beginner’s Guide to Synk

A Beginner’s Guide to Synk

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This is Pooja from Alliance department. This blog summaries learning Snyk through a beginner's lens.

What's Snyk

Snyk is a platform which allows its user to scan, prioritise and fix any vulnerabilities(security) in either user's code, any open source dependencies, Infrastructures as code(IaC) and container images.

Snyk follows the developer's first approach, where the developers can put together various applications with open source code, run them in code containers, and deploy them with various IaC(Infrastructure as Code) like terraform and Kubernetes.

Use of Snyk

Below is the list of various advantages of using Snyk in one's workflow:

  • Secures containers: fixes vulnerabilities in Kubernetes applications and container images.
  • Secures code: fixes vulnerabilities in one's open sources and source code.
  • Secures deployment: Snyk provides its Snyk Cloud to fix misconfigurations in various cloud projects.

Developer Security Platform

How to get started

Below are the steps which are used to get started with Snyk:


  • Click on the "Start Free" button.


  • The above button will direct you to the page which asks the user to sign in with their Github or Google account, choose the any one of the option that is more preferable to you as the user.


  • After the above step , the user can connect their Github, CLI or another other code hosting platform of the user's choice.


  • The user can add their projects by clicking on the "Add Project" button and get started with Snyk.


  • After adding the project, the user can find the vulnerabilities by clicking on the actions.


  • The vulnerabilities are listed as shown in the image.


  • After clicking on the "Fix the vulnerability" button the user can check the PR that needs to be fixed.


  • In this section the user can see a detailed version and the suggestion to fix the vulnerability.


This was just an overview on Snyk on its initial setup, this blog was just scratching the surface of a vast layer of various things that Snyk has to offer. There's more to explore and learn in Snyk.

Here's hoping that this blog was helpful, thank you for your time.

Happy Learning!!!



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