All about Ticket fields in Zendesk


What are Ticket Fields:

Ticket fields help gather and store specific information about the support issue.

They can be used for a number of reasons; mainly to store information in Zendesk. Zendesk has some standard custom fields that will be setup in your account already. So, as an admin you may also create some custom ticket fields.

Importance of Ticket Fields:

You must be thinking that maybe an agent can revert back to the interaction and seal the related information into tickets. Well, you could do that but some information like ticket type and priority maybe internal and not part of the customer conversation. And it will take agents to scroll a lot to get the entire conversation. So, ticket fields give agents a at a glance view of whats going on into the ticket through the tickets properties panel. Your agents can gather those information so that they don't need to ask those questions again and again. If you have help centre enabled, your end users can fill in the information by themselves through the web form if the web widget. In addition to being a handy place to find the information, ticket fields will help your company improve ticket workflows.

Let us see how to create ticket fields-

  1. Navigate to Admin(gear icon) > Management > Ticket Fields, and click Add Field.
  2. Select a field type.
  3. Select the desire type of Permission.
  4. Enter the Title shown to agents/end users as appropriate.
  5. Select Required to solve/submit a ticket as appropriate.
  6. Under Field values, enter applicable values.
  7. Click Save if you'd like to make changes effective.


1. Activation and Deactivation:

You can deactivate any custom ticket field by simple clicking on 3 dots on the right side. The deactivated ticket fields does not get deleted, instead it will just move to the inactive section.

To activate any field, you can go to the inactive section and click on the 3 dots.

2. Filters:

You can even apply filters to the ticket fields. This feature helps when there are more number of fields.

Types of Fields-

In the picture shown above, you can see 10 different types of ticket fields. Let's talk about each of them,

1. Drop-down: Most popular field. This field enables you to create a list of options for users to select.

2. Multi-select: This field enables users to choose multiple options from a predetermined list. You can create up to 2,000 values in custom multi-select list.

3. Text: This is a simple single line text input.

4. Multi-line Text: This is a multiple line text input.

5. Numeric: This is for simple numeric input (no decimals). Values entered in custom numeric fields for organizations or users can't exceed 12 digits.

6. Decimal: This is for numbers that contain decimals.

7. Checkbox: This is used to capture a Yes/No value.

8. Date: Custom date fields allow your users to select a date from a date picker. Users can choose the current date or any date in the past or future.

9. Credit card: This field allows users to enter a credit card number in a secure, PCI compliant manner. Only the last four digits are visible to agents and stored by Zendesk.

10. Regular Expressions: You can enter a Ruby regular expression to create an input mask to validate proper entry of numbers in fixed patterns (telephone numbers, zip codes, social security numbers, etc).

Hope this article helps you!