Auto-save feature in Alteryx Designer




Alteryx Designer has a built-in auto-save feature, and by default an unsaved workflow is auto-saved every 10 minutes. The default settings can be changed from the menu bar, as shown below:

Options -> User Settings -> Edit User Settings -> Advanced tab

To open the autosaved files, follow the menu bar,

File -> Open Workflow -> Open Autorecovered Files

A list of autosaved files will be displayed in a pop-up window. This list will be populated as per the autosave settings mentioned above such as, limiting the number of files per workflow, the last archived date etc.

Autosaved workflows will be saved in the below default directory. "C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\Alteryx\Autosave" Usually the AppData folder may be a hidden folder as per your windows settings, so make sure it is made unhidden if needed.

The Autosave folder will host all the autosaved workflows or macros. Additionally there will be a AutoSaveList.txt file, this text file contains the information such as the original filename, autosaved filename and the autosaved timestamp.


Alteryx Designer has an autosave feature, so just in case if accidentally your computer got restarted or battery runs out etc, a copy of the open workflow and its corresponding macro would be automatically saved in the Autosave directory.