Auto update Powerpoint charts by collaborating them with Excel


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Organizations often use powerpoint charts for their business reporting needs on a regular basis. A simple trick to update the charts automatically would save a lot of time in such cases. The details of this automation process is mentioned below.

Collaborating Charts in Excel and Powerpoint:

In most of the cases, the charts and its underlying data are stored in Excel workbooks and it is exported into the Powerpoint report on an adhoc basis. However if the data changed, or the chart was reformatted, then an additional step to update the Powerpoint slide becomes inevitable.

Now let us consider the following data and chart which is stored in excel.

If the underlying data changes, then the graph will be immediately updated in the Excel file, however the exported chart in Powerpoint may not be updated automatically.

In order to auto-update powerpoint charts, follow these steps:

(1) Copy the excel chart and Paste it in a Powerpoint file using the “Paste Special” option.

(2) A pop-up window will appear, choose the “Paste link” button as shown below.

(3) By following these steps, the chart will be implemented in the powerpoint file as a linked image. This means whenever the data or chart changes in excel file, it will be automatically reflected in the corresponding powerpoint file. After opening the powerpoint file an alert will be displayed.

(4) By clicking the “Update Links” the chart will reflect the latest configuration. Thus you can save additional time and labor for reconstructing the chart in powerpoint.


Thus by collaborating Excel and Powerpoint, its very convenient to automate the charts and reporting process.