AWS Community Builderになりました



I am really happy, honoured and excited to announce that now I am an AWS community builder.

It was a really surprising moment because I was congratulating my linkedin friend Jason Paul for becoming a community builder and in an hour or so I received this email ( shocked in happiness :D )

Moving forward for 2022

I have been focusing on automating and supporting infrastructure on AWS and all operations around it and this is the path where I want to position myself in my cloud journey as a cloud infra/DevOps engineer.

As an AWS Community Builder, I will be focusing on the Cloud Operations category in the program, so this is where the content of my posts will be directed towards.

Apart from this, I will be learning and working more on terraform, container orchestration, CI/CD and monitoring around AWS, GCP and azure.


I am super excited about this program and I look forward to learning more and contributing to this community.

Till then, Happy Learning.