CircleCi Explained!


It's Pooja. This blog encapsulates what CircleCi is and how can we start with it.

There's more to come in future blogs!

What's CircleCi.

CircleCI is a cloud-based CI/CD platform that automates building, testing, and deploying applications for software development teams. It integrates with popular version control systems like GitHub and GitLab, enabling developers to automate testing and deployment. Key features include continuous integration, which validates code changes with automated tests, and continuous deployment, which automates code deployment after successful testing.

CircleCI uses a YAML-based configuration for customizing the CI/CD pipeline, organizes tasks into jobs, and supports parallel execution for faster builds. Its integrations with various tools and services enhance the software development lifecycle speed and efficiency while maintaining application quality and stability. It is used by both startups and enterprises to streamline development processes.

CircleCi, a brief demonstration.

Here are the steps to begin with CircleCi:

  • You can either Login, Signup(for new users) or watch the demo on how to get started.
  • You can Signup using any of the following methods.

  • This how the Github sign in looks like.

  • After signing onto CircleCi the user is then directed to the dashboard where you can view your projects(repository) that are on you Github account.
  • To begin with creating your CI/CD pipeline to head onto to the Project > Then click on "Setup Project" button next to your desired project.

  • As visible in the image the user has three ways to create a .yml file.

  • After selecting the appropriate option the user sees a sample configs for dialog box.

  • After selecting the desired option the user can hit the "Commit and Run" button.
  • This will generate a .circleci/config.ymlfile at the root of your repository on a new branch named circleci-project-setup.

  • This is how the successfully created pipeline dashboard appears.


In conclusion, CircleCI is a powerful CI/CD platform that automates building, testing, and deploying applications. Its cloud-based service and seamless integrations with version control systems enable developers to automate the entire development lifecycle. 

This blog was just scratching the surface of the was things that can be done using CircleCi.

I hope this blog was helpful, thank you for your time.

Happy Learning!