Have you tried Disposable Email Address !



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We often use disposable goods in our daily life such as chopsticks, contact lenses, masks etc. The benefits of disposable goods are that, once the purpose is solved we don’t have to maintain them any further. In this digital age, disposable email addresses are not a fantasy anymore. They solve the problem of receiving unwanted spam while protecting personal information up to a certain extent. Disposable emails are best suited for temporary registration purposes, in order to be able to use services without any strings attached.

How to Use it:

After evaluating several disposable email addresses, a few of them are recommended here based on the features they offer currently.

1) InstAddr

This website offers a multilingual platform for the users which generates random email addresses. Their temporary email address can be chosen with an expiry period or for an indefinite period. Free of charge is an important feature. Additionally, emails can be sent, received, forwarded and replied. Attachments can be added for outgoing emails too. Finally they also offer a browser extension for Chrome. Overall they offer one of the best services which exceeds the industry standard.

2) 10 Minute Mail

As per its name, this is a free platform which generates random email addresses which are valid for 10 minutes. Even if the 10 minute timer ends, the user can extend the duration for another 10 minutes. A new email address will be generated only after restarting the browser session. Emails can be sent and received but cannot be forwarded, attachments are not allowed as well.

3) Mohmal.com

This is another free multilingual platform which generates random email addresses. Email address is valid for 45 minutes initially, but it can be extended within the validity period.


In this post, we saw how disposable email addresses come to our rescue and how to use them with some recommendations.