Everything about Ticket Status in Zendesk




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Ticket status

The ticket status defines the lifecycle of the ticket of various phases of the ticket. The ticket status can change multiple times. Easy handling of ticket status along with status labels can make customer-agent relationships smoother.

Five standard Statuses

New: This indicates that on the ticket no action has been taken on it yet. The ticket status once changed from new to any other status cannot be changed back to New.

Open: Always the ticket status first moves from New to Open, which means from unassigned to assigned and ticket is in progress. These tickets can be viewed in open tickets view.

Pending: This status indicates that the agent who is working on the ticket is waiting for more information from the requester. These tickets can be viewed in the Pending tickets view. As the requester replies to this, the ticket automatically moves to open status.

On-hold: This indicates that the agent is requesting more information from someone other than the requester. This status is never seen by the requester which is different than the pending status and is seen as open. It is an optional status that can be enabled by administer.

Solved: This status indicates the agent has submitted an appropriate solution.


Start’s with New Status Assign tickets and make other required changes in the ticket fields Now submit as the open status As more information is required from the requester a reply is given and it is sent for pending If additional information from internal personal an internal note is written and is sent form on-hold An appropriate reply is given and is submitted as solved