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When we need a single digit latency infrastructure, cloud infrastructure was not an option because zones in the cloud are not always close to you. AWS launched AWS Local Zones to make it possible to use cloud and still get single digit latency. Local Zones allows you to use services like compute and storage much closer to the end-user, which is a huge upgrade for consumers who need low latency.

Local Zones are an extension of AWS Regions where we may run latency-sensitive applications such as real-time gaming, simulations, AR/VR apps, and many more.

Zone Enable

Local Zones in Action

Step1: Select your preferred Local Zone.

Step2: Enable your preferred Local Zone.

Zone Enable

Step3: Create a VPC in the Zone.

Step4: Create a subnet in the Parent Availablity Zone

Step5: Launch the resources in the Local Zone.

How is it different?

AWS has many service which can help in achieving low latency so why Local Zones why not AWS Wavelength or AWS Outposts?

AWS Wavelength is a service that allows devices connected to a 5G network to access the AWS infrastructure with low latency by leveraging the enhanced wavelength and latency capabilities of the 5G infrastructure. Wavelength is completely dependent on the availability of the 5G network.

AWS Outpost, on the other hand, is a fully managed on-premise solution that provides a low-latency link between your on-premise systems and cloud architecture by delivering AWS infrastructure racks to your own on-premise facility.

AWS Local Zones is a service that delivers computing, storage, database, and other resources closer to end users (Large Population), which can aid in operating applications closer to end users, reducing latency to single digit milliseconds.

So you can choose whichever suits your application better.

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Is it really a game changer?

For most of the application we still can't use Local Zones, reason being availablity. Local Zones are available only in few Regions and still are far away from most of the end users, latency sensitive tasks like Simulations, AR, VR, Gaming are still far away as only some will be able to get benefit from the service, others will still face low latency lags.

Once the network of Local Zones and Availablity Zones grows to most of the populated areas it can be a game changer in the industry.

Until then it's just another another Availablity Zone.



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