I tried the different ways to check credit status inside Sumo Logic Account



Hemanth from the Department of Alliance. I'll demonstrate how to check credit status inside sumo logic in 2 different ways.

Sumo Logic

A cloud-based log management and analytics software called Sumo Logic enables businesses to exploit their machine data for useful insights. Sumo Logic's flexible capabilities make log data analysis simple and offer real-time visibility into operational and security insights.

Checking Credit status

Standard way

log into your Sumo Logic account, go to administration and click on account This gives an account overview namely the credit account ID, total credit usage, forecasts and entire details of credit usage. An high level-level view of overall credit consumption Details of credit usage can be viewed as follows If we select view by week Select the available time range and observe the changes Relative Custom

Data Volume App from App Catalog

Go to App catalog, search for Data Volume and click on data volume app click on install app Give a folder name, select a location and click on next It has been successfully installed. Now clicking on open dashboard of data volume credits Data Volume - Credits Dashboard Click on folder you created above and other dashboards are available like capacity utilizations, log spikes and many more


Sumo Logic provides flexible tools to monitor and analyze credit usage. The Standard view and Data Volume app provide full visibility into usage. Using these features optimizes credit usage and identifies patterns. Overall, Sumo Logic enables effective credit management through its robust analytics capabilities.