Elevating Security Operations: Expert Insights into Sumo Logic and Gigamon’s Key Use Cases a Sumo Logic Webinar



Hemanth from the Alliance Department here. This time around, I would like share about how Sumo Logic and Gigamon, delve into three top security use cases discussed by industry experts and the convergence of advanced analytics and network visibility to address critical security challenges in today's digital landscape.

Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a leading AI-driven SaaS log analytics platform, unifying application telemetry for Dev, Sec, and Ops teams to make data-driven decisions, ensuring application reliability, security against modern threats, and gaining insights into cloud infrastructures. It simplifies log data analysis, providing real-time visibility into operational and security insights through an open standard approach to data collection with OpenTelemetry.

Speakers for the Session

Stephen Goudreault Gigamon, Cloud Security Evangelist

Matt Rosenbaum - Sumo Logic. Partner Architect


Gigmon Deep Observability Pipeline:

Dive into the state-of-the-art features of Gigmon's Deep Observability Pipeline, which leverages sophisticated metadata analysis and deep packet inspection. Learn how this cutting-edge technology makes it possible to comprehend network traffic in its entirety, including identifying the most common applications and protocols.

Sumo Logic's Customer Experience Vision:

Explore Sumo Logic's goal for improving speed, dependability, and security to elevate consumer experiences. Find out about the possible synergies that may be attained by utilizing Sumo Logic's SaaS analytics platform in collaboration with Gigamon. Logs from on-premises and cloud sources may be seamlessly integrated with this platform, which offers over 300 pre-built interfaces. Sumo Logic's platform runs on AWS infrastructure and supports a wide range of use cases in different cloud environments.

Gigamon Deployment Model

Gigamon offers thorough visibility into network traffic and telemetry and functions across physical, virtual, and on-premises networks. Gigamon improves network perimeter security by identifying common applications and protocols through the use of deep packet inspection. Gigamon doesn't replace current tools; instead, it improves their performance by providing improved visibility and traffic redirection features. This idea works equally well in public and private clouds. In the latter case, Gigamon leverages virtual switches to gather and examine traffic metadata, providing a more thorough comprehension of container communications.

Real-Time Network Intelligence in Sumo Logic

To enhance its deep packet inspection capabilities, Gigamon can route traffic to hardware appliances or the V series for analysis. It does not, however, apply analytics to the data itself. To close this gap, Sumo Logic deploys an intuitive Gigamon collector and integrates with Gigamon in a smooth manner. Then, Sumo Logic uses its SaaS analytics platform to instantly provide actionable insights by improving and analyzing telemetry data in real-time.

Application Metadata Use Cases

Network defense relies heavily on security posture assessment, which finds standard applications and protocols and uses them to identify weaknesses and threats. In this process, Sumo Logic is essential since it quickly detects and fixes security posture problems like illegal application usage and suspicious activity. Furthermore, Sumo Logic's sophisticated analytics capabilities support overall network security by assisting in the discovery of threats such as port spoofing and the improper usage of conventional protocols by unmanaged or Internet of Things devices.

Use Case 1: Security Posture

In network defense, determining standard applications and protocols is crucial for identifying vulnerabilities and threats. This process is known as security posture assessment. In order to quickly detect and address security posture problems like illegal application usage and suspicious activity, Sumo Logic is essential to this process. Furthermore strengthening overall network security are Sumo Logic's sophisticated analytics capabilities, which make it easier to identify risks such as port spoofing and the improper use of conventional protocols by unmanaged or Internet of Things devices.

Use Case 2: Suspicious Activity

Network security is severely hampered by threat actors and shadow IT, who frequently take advantage of holes in IoT devices and SMB protocols. It is simpler to identify suspicious activity with Gigamon's application visibility features, such as illicit Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) usage from Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Threat detection is further improved by Sumo Logic's AI-driven anomaly detection, which enables proactive mitigation through automated playbooks and quick response mechanisms.

Use Case 3: Rogue Activities

Rogue activities, such as crypto mining and unauthorized application usage, can evade traditional logging mechanisms, leaving organizations vulnerable to attacks. Gigamon and Sumo Logic collaborate to address this challenge by providing comprehensive visibility into lateral network movements and unauthorized application usage. Sumo Logic's analytics capabilities empower organizations to take swift action against rogue activities, minimizing security risks and optimizing network performance.


Organizations can address complex security concerns with a comprehensive solution thanks to the partnership between Gigamon and Sumo Logic. Organizations may proactively detect and mitigate security risks, protecting against new threats and guaranteeing a strong security posture in the ever-changing threat landscape of today by utilizing advanced analytics and network visibility.