I tried to attach extra storage to an windows EC2 Instance



In this blog, I tried to describe the procedure for connecting additional storage(EBS Volume) to Windows Server 2019 and mounting it

About EBS:

EBS is the block storage that can be attached to an AWS instance and used as a virtual hard disk. An EBS volume can be up to 16TB in size. EBS disk can only be attached to a single instance at a time EBS volume can be used as a boot volume EBS volume and its contents can be retained long after a virtual machine has been retired and de-provisioned.

Procedure for creating new EBS Volume

You can create an EBS-based storage volume by logging into the AWS console and navigating to Elastic Block Store | Volumes 1. Click on Create Volume button

  1. In  Create Volume window: a. volume type: specify the type of underlying physical storage that you want to use. b.size:  the size of the volume can be between 1GB and 16TB. c.availability zone: This setting essentially determines where in the world the volume will physically reside. d.snapshot ID: if you want to create the volume based on an existing snapshot need to specify the id. e.encryption: if you want to encrypt use a simple checkbox to encrypt the volume.

3. Click the Create button and the volume will be created. 4. To link the volume to an instance, right-click on the volume and choose the Attach Volume command from the shortcut menu

5. Attached Volume dialogue box a.instance ID: b.you will also have to provide a device ID for the volume

Procedure for mounting new EBS volume in windows instance

  • Right-click the Windows mark at the bottom left of the desktop screen-> select Disk Management.


  • Initialize Disk screen: Select the partition style of MBR (Master Boot Record) / GPT (GUID Partition Table) -> Select “OK”.This section explains the difference between MBR (Master Boot Record) and GPT (GUID Partition Table).

    ■ MBR (Master Boot Record) ・ Maximum disk size is limited to 2TB ・ Up to 4 partitions can be divided

    ■ GPT (GUID Partition Table) ・ Maximum disk size capacity can support 2TB or more ・ Up to 128 partitions can be divided

  •  Right-click on “Unallocated” -> select “New Simple Volume”.
  • Start New Simple Volume Wizard: Select Next.

  • Volume size specification screen: Specify volume size-> Select “Next”.
  • Drive letter or path assignment screen: Specify any drive letter -> Select Next.

  • Format Partition screen: Select “Format this volume with the following settings”.

  • New Simple Volume Wizard Screen: Select Finish.
  • Check the volume label and volume size of the added storage.

For Mounting on Amazon Linux 2 Instance follow this blog

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I hope this blog may help someone to configure a new volume in windows instance