I tried using an escalation trigger with nullifying condition



This is Pooja from Alliance department. This blog is a summary about how can we use an escalation trigger which has a nullifying condition.

Triggers in Zendesk

In Zendesk, a trigger is an automated rule that performs a set of actions in response to specific conditions being met. Triggers are often used to automate common tasks and improve the efficiency of customer support workflows.

Nullifying conditions

At times to prevent a trigger from running at all the times when a ticket is updated nullifying conditions are used.

The prerequisites to create a nullifying conditions are as follows:

  • A condition
  • An action that will negate or nullify the above mentioned condition.


This demo deals with how to create an assignment/escalation trigger.

Consider the following example :

In this fictional scenario, at times we have support request that needs the attention of the manager. Here we are setting up a trigger that escalates a ticket to the manager, even if the manager is in a different group.

Following are the steps to create escalation trigger:

  • Apply a macro instead of typing a group or the agent name in the assignee tab. The macro adds an "internal escalation" tag to the ticket and updates it, and a trigger will run to assign it to the manager.


  • Below is the image of the trigger that would set the above required action into motion.
  • The  trigger has an internal escalation tag attached to it.


  • When the above mentioned tag is encountered, the trigger is fired and assigns the ticket to the person incharge.


  • There are two main reasons, for the trigger not being fired over and over again.
  • Looking at the Actions part first, when the ticket is assigned, a tag called "escalated" is added to it.


  • Then when we look at the Conditions part, our trigger is concerned with the tags that don't have the escalated tag attached to it, it's only concerned with the "internal_escalation" tag.


  • Hence this nullifying condition prevents the trigger being fired over and over again.


I hope this blog was informative and summarised the steps that are involved to create an escalated trigger with nullifying conditions. Thank you for your time.Happy learning!!!