it-sa 2023 Keynote Session「Maximizing Data Security in the Cloud – Outperforming On-Premise Solutions 」

it-sa 2023 Keynote Session「Maximizing Data Security in the Cloud – Outperforming On-Premise Solutions 」

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Greetings, I'm Hemanth from the Alliance Department, bringing you today a comprehensive webinar report on "Maximizing Data Security in the Cloud - Outperforming On-Premise Solutions - it-sa 2023 Keynote". Let's explore the pivotal elements of modern data security and how it outshines conventional on-premise solutions in today's landscape.

Speaker for the Session

George Gerchow, Chief Security Officer (CSO) of Sumo Logic.


RISC (Real Estate, IT, Security, Compliance)

The convergence of Real Estate, IT, Security, and Compliance within a unified team fosters enhanced workforce synergy. By uniting these aspects into a modern workforce, we alleviate friction and cultivate a more cohesive environment.

On-premises and Public Cloud

Unlike what is commonly believed, on-premises solutions do not provide comprehensive security because the maintenance of the fundamental infrastructure is outside the expertise of the consumer. The safest course of action is to migrate to a cloud service provider and assign roles, regardless of the industry—manufacturing, retail, technology, or healthcare. Notably, there has been an increase in ransomware attacks targeting antiquated infrastructure, affecting big businesses like Sony and MGM.

Shared Responsibility Model

In the realm of the Shared Responsibility Model, consumers shoulder the crucial responsibility of Identity and Access Management (IAM). The delineation is clear: Infrastructure as a Service has responsibility of databases and above, Platform as a Service application is responsibility of consumer, and Software as a Service is responsible for identity management. Logging and identity management play pivotal roles, especially when troubleshooting issues.

Modern Day Security and Compliance Architecture

A contemporary security and compliance architecture commences with robust Access Management, integrating cloudtrail and VPC flow logs, coupled with Okta for Identity Access Management. The integration of diverse data sources, alongside comprehensive vulnerability management and bug bounty programs, is vital. This wealth of information converges on a common SAAS platform, adept at processing exabytes of data within a multi-tenant architecture.

Call to Action

Started with a question, what people are doing to protect data in today's time and why they are failing is it because of lack of skillset, funding which results in the breaches. Addressing the prevalent challenges in data protection involves a two-fold approach. Firstly, accelerate towards SAAS solutions to align with business goals swiftly. Secondly, acquaint yourself with security techniques within the shared responsibility model. Learn from past breaches, such as those on AWS, emphasizing the importance of proper S3 configuration, encryption, and vigilant monitoring. Lastly security stack solution. Establish a modern security stack solution designed for the cloud, offering visibility and remediation capabilities.


The it-sa 2023 Keynote emphasizes the critical significance of adjusting to contemporary data security methods, which brings this thorough investigation to a close. A paradigm shift is signaled by the confluence of Real Estate, IT, Security, and Compliance into a single force that promotes resilience and synergy. It becomes essential to embrace cloud technologies and comprehend the nuances of the Shared Responsibility Model in order to defend against constantly changing threats. Move quickly toward SAAS solutions, arm ourselves with security know-how, and build strong security stacks that are optimized for cloud computing. Work together to traverse this constantly changing digital terrain in order to achieve data security excellence.


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