Jenkins Pipeline and Jenkinsfile



Introduction to Jenkins Pipeline and Jenkinsfile

Jenkins Pipeline involves the process to integrate and chain the processes in a project. In other words, the stages and processes involved in the building are integrated into a pipeline.

To implement Jenkins Pipeline, Jenkinsfile must be used.

Build >>>Deployment >>>Testing >>> Release

Jenkinsfile is simply Pipeline-as-a-code, it is a text file where the code is written to define the stages and steps of the pipeline.

it can be created within a Jenkins job or from a repository.

Building a Jenkins Pipeline

Step 1: Install Pipeline Plugin

Step 2: create a new item/job and choose pipeline and save

Step 3: in the pipeline section create a Jenkinsfile or get a Jenkinsfile from SCM


Step 5: Run the job and check the result

Getting a Jenkinsfile from SCM

A Jenkinsfile can also be used from a repository by connecting the repository URL from the pipeline and specifying the branch where the file resides in the repository.

NOTE: If the repository is private, then a credential will be required.