Key Note Session: The future of DX and observability #JapanFutureStack2023



I'm Hemanth from the Department of Alliance, and I'm thrilled to present an overview of the "Key Note Session: The future of DX and observability in Japan FutureStack2023".

Speakers for the session

Bill Staples, CEO , New Relic Inc.

Shinichiro Konishi, President and Representative Director of New Relic Inc.

Data Driven Decision

Data has become a guiding light where every firm has embraced a digital strategy to determine whether customers are genuinely satisfied with their experiences. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and the quest is for the best use of generative AI and LLM (Large Language Models) in current times.

Tailwinds Driving Observability

Cloud efforts are the way to go, yet those that fail frequently don't have enough observability. Digital changes without a data-driven strategy are similar to guesswork. To manage the growing technical complexity of our digital environment at scale, a data-driven strategy is required.

Increasing Trajectory of Cloud Spending

By 2031, spending on public clouds is predicted to soar from $5 billion to a whopping $2.3 trillion, according to a startling forecast. The fundamental importance of technology and data in our digital future is underscored by this paradigm shift.

Digital Transformation has started

The digital transformation is a key priority for CIOs all over the world. This is estimated to be almost 2.3 trillion dollars, and the number of new business applications is expected to expand by an astounding 30% annually.

Customer Satisfaction through Observability

Are Customers satisfied with their experiences and getting value from our services? are the crucial issues for organizations today. This is precisely where New Relic steps in, providing insights and chances for optimizations.

The Cost of Downtime is Expensive

Every minute of downtime has a lot of substantial damage, which comes to 700 billion dollars annually. This is a reminder of the imperative need for observability.

A New Essential for Japanese Companies: Observability

The Japanese organization should adopt observability since it is a new management competency rather than merely a trendy word. An all-in-one observability platform is becoming more popular because managing tools from various sources can be burdensome in the world of digital business. Operations can be streamlined and consumer adoption can be sped up by having one central location for all data.

Impact of New Relic on Business

New Relic's impact is seen in the real world. For example, McDonald's utilizes their solutions on every mobile app, resulting in an astonishing 4 million digital sales per hour and impact on other business as shown below.

Experts at New Relic: New Relic Partner Trailblazer Program

They are New Relic and Partner certified engineers with expertise in observability. Seigo Watanabe from classmethod is one such person.

Learning and Community Commitment

New Relic University is your gateway to harnessing the full potential of the platform and very useful for the newcomers. Actively participate and sponsor community events. This commitment fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing within the industry, reflecting our dedication to the broader professional community.


The Key Note Session of The future of DX and observability in Japan FutureStack2023 provides a glimpse into digital transformation and observability of the future. It shred light on the importance of digital ship and observability. The future of DX and observability in Japan looks brighter than ever.