New Log Message Inspector Feature of Sumo Logic to Quickly Identify Log Messages and Parameters



Hemanth from the Alliance Department. This time i am excited to share about the New feature from sumo logic called Log message inspector which helps you to quickly grasp log messages and the parameters in one pop-up screen, giving you a deeper comprehension of the logs you manage.

Sumo Logic

A cloud-based log management and analytics software called Sumo Logic which enables businesses to exploit their machine data for useful insights. Sumo Logic's flexible capabilities make log data analysis simple and offer real-time visibility into operational and security insights.


log in to sumo logic from here Click New and then select log search Enter your source category, select your desired time frame, and click Search A plethora of logs will appear, locate the log message you want to inspect, right-click on it, and select "Open Log Message Inspector" Another way to access the Log Message Inspector is by clicking on the icon displayed in the top-right corner of the log message. You can easily adjust the width of the pop-up screen by dragging the extreme left side of the Log Message Inspector. Explore the Log Message Inspector to gain insights: Easily move to next or previous message by clicking ">" for next log message and "<" for previous log message Quickly identify the type of log message Copying the message link Utilize the search field to find specific field Parse data based on fields by hovering your mouse over them and clicking the three dots that appear. Then, choose "Filter Selected Value." The Log Message Inspector is best for challenging, congested logs. It makes it easier to comprehend complex log formats.


For better interpreting of log messages is by using Sumo Logic's Log Message Inspector. You may quickly determine log kinds, retrieve the original log messages, determine the timings of messages and receipts, and quickly examine parameter values. You'll be well-equipped to expedite your log analysis procedure and maximize your data with the help of this practical solution.