Performing SQL queries on S3 files using Athena




Simple and popular AWS Service for storage. Replicates data by default across multiple facilities. It charges per usage. It is deeply integrated with AWS Services. Buckets are logical storage units. Objects are data added to the bucket. S3 has a storage class on object level which can save money by moving less frequently accessed objects to a colder storage class.


An AWS service that enables data analysts to perform interactive queries in the web-based cloud storage service, S3. It is usually used with large-scale data sets. It enables users to analyze data in Amazon S3 using SQL. It is mostly for quick, ad hoc, and complex analysis. A serverless service where underlying compute infrastructure need not be handled for the users.


Creating an S3 bucket and uploading the JSON file Now creating an S3 bucket to load the results Now going to Athena and go settings and specify an output source as shown below Now creating the table by adding the source S3 data Now previewing the table which does a simple query