Things to remember while replacing quotes in Alteryx




If you have a need to use certain expressions such as Replace(), FindString(), StartsWith() where the target is going to be a quotation string such as a double quote “ or a single quote ‘ then some precaution has to be followed. It's a simple trick which will fulfill your requirement.

How to do it : In general when using a regular syntax in Alteryx, irrespective of whether a double quotation or a single quotation is used, it will work as a pair. However when the target itself is a quotation string then an error would occur as shown below.

In order to resolve this error, a different pair of quotations should be used which does not match the target. For example, use a double quotation when the target is a single quotation and vice-versa as shown below.


When a quotation is used as a target within an Alteryx expression, then it must be enclosed within a different type of quotation in order to execute it correctly.