[REPORT] Build without limits: The next-generation developer experience at AWS #AWSreInvent #DOP225


I participated in the Innovation talk about the next-generation developer at AWS, so in this blog, I have compiled an overview of AWS products for the next-generation experience at AWS featured in the session, so let me introduce them to you.



Join this talk to explore the next-generation AWS developer experience. Adam Seligman, Vice President of AWS Generative Builders, provides updates on the latest AWS developer tools and services, including capabilities powered by generative AI, low-code abstractions, cloud development, and operations. See demos of key developer services and how they integrate to help enhance productivity and innovation. Discover how AWS is empowering builders of virtually all skill levels to build, deploy, and scale resilient cloud applications quickly. Learn how the continuous evolution of AWS developer tools and integration and cloud capabilities creates new opportunities to innovate and accomplish more.


It Started with an introduction to the PartyRock.




  • Playground powered by Amazon Bedrock
  • Create prompts to chain multiple steps using Generative AI applications
  • Create applications without coding

Emphasize three things

  • How AWS is innovating to accelerate development and increase creativity
  • AI tools built responsibly, with privacy, quality, and security at the forefront
  • Giving more developers the tools to take advantage of cloud innovation

New era of building

Transforming the way organizations build softwar

  • How developers work
  • How the development team works
  • Types of applications we can build

Innovating responsibly

  • Private
  • Accurate
  • Integrated

Build without lmimits

From here, we will introduce the products that reimagining the developer experience on AWS.

Amazon CodeWhisperer / AI-powered productivity tool for the IDE and CLI

Amazon CodeWhisperer

  • Generate code suggestions in real time
  • Flag code that resembles open source training data or filter by default
  • Scan code and remediate hard-to-find security vulnerabilities

Trained on 17 years of Amazon best practices to ensure high-quality output.

Amazon CodeWhisperer customization capability - NEW

Customize Amazon CodeWhisperer for even better recommendations

Generate code recommendations based on your internal repositories

  • Better and more relevant code suggestions
  • Onboard develoopers faster
  • Your content is never used to train the underlying model

Developer productivity is 28% faster

Amazon CodeWhisperer for command-line

Introducing Amazon CodeWhisperer for command line

  • CLI completions
  • Inline documentation
  • AI natural-to-language code translation

Amazon Q - NEW

Amazon Q

New generative AI assistant that is an expert for building on AWS

  • Training with 17 years of AWS knowledge
  • Supported everywhere you work with AWS, including the console, IDE, and documentation
  • Explore new AWS features, learn unfamiliar technologies, and interact with you to architect solutions
  • Work with you to troubleshoot, build new features, and upgrade languages ​​on AWS

Amazon Q in the console - NEW

Chat with Amazon Q to explore new AWS capabilities and architect solutions

Amazon Q in IDE with CodeWhisperer - NEW

Amazon Q in CodeWhisperer

Amazon Q in the IDE is a conversational assistant that you can use to talk about code, get code suggestions, and ask questions about building software. Explain program logic in an unfamiliar codebase, identify and fix bugs quickly, or generate functional tests.

Amazon Q feature development capability - NEW

Ship new features in a fraction of time

  • Go from natural language prompt to feature implementation plan
  • Focus on end-to-end features
  • End-end features available in the IDE and Amazon CodeCatalyst

AWS Application Composer in VS Code - NEW

Extend visual IaC authoring to Visual Studio Code IDE

Amazon Q troubleshooting capability - NEW

Diagnose and troubleshoot errors in a fraction of time

Amazon Q Code Transformation - NEW

Amazon Q Code Transformation

Upgrades and transform apps in a fraction of time

  • Complete language upgrades in a fraction of the time
  • Improve security posture and performance
  • Accelerate migration from Windows to Linux to save time and costs

Amazon CodeCatalyst

Amazon CodeCatalyst

An integrated platform to go from planning to production faster on AWS

Amazon CodeCatalyst Custom Blueprints - NEW

Amazon CodeCatalyst Blueprints

Codify best practices across your organization

Amazon Q in CodeCatalyst

Announcing feature development capability of Amazon Q (Preview) in Amazon CodeCatalyst

Developers can go from idea to fully mergeable pull request using Amazon Q in Code Catalyst

  • Summarize source repository
  • Develop an approach
  • Author code
  • Create pull request
  • Monitor workflows and resolve errors

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify

Everything you need to build full-stack web and mobile apps in hours

  • Build cloud-connected UI
  • Connect your app to real time data
  • Add features powered by any AWS service
  • Host your frontend globally
  • Scale serverlessly to millions

AWS AMPLIFY A new code-first developer experience (Gen 2) - NEW

AWS AMPLIFY | A new code-first developer experience (Gen 2)

  • Focus on application code, not infrastructure
  • Deploy your frontend and backend globally on every Git push
  • Scale serverlessly with native AWS service


This session gave me an insight into the next generation AWS developer experience. I think Amazon Q will change the way we work in various departments and teams, including consulting, development, operations, and support. I also recommend the video, as it introduces several demos using the AWS Developer Experience.

Please refer to the brief summary of the AWS product.