Builders’ Fair at Expo #reinvent



This year I had the opportunity to attend re:invent in Las Vegas.
I would like to share with you some of the experiences I had that are not easily available virtually.


Level 2, Hall B, Expo, Builders' Fair, Project #1, Venetian


1) I love this indoor game so much that I obviously have to see how AWS and IOT come together to make our foosball experience even better.

  • No need to collect the ball after the goal. The IOT will do it for you.

  • Who doesn't like replays of awesome plays.

Architecure Diagram:

2) We crossed with a Rubik's Cube solver that solves Rubik's Cube within minutes, which I look forward to seeing other more complex Rubik's Cubes solved here in the future.

3) I played rock-paper-scissors with the computer and there was no cheating


4) IOT and AWS allow me to play my favorite instrument.

Architecture Diageram for Robotic Musicain

5) Throwing axes at red points is difficult. But the IOT does the math for us and calculates the score for us. This is more difficult for those who do not like math..


Re:invent not only provides theoretical knowledge, but also many working models and demos that we cannot experience in our daily life. The fair gave me ideas on how to use IOT to solve problems and use AWS to make everyone's life easier.