Using Parameters in Tableau Prep Builder




Since the 2021.4.1 version, it is possible to create a parameter in Tableau Prep Builder. This post explains how to create and utilize a parameter while building a Tableau Flow.

Parameters in Tableau Prep:

In order to create a parameter, at first we need to connect to a datasource. Let us use the Superstore datasource for this example. Once a datasource is connected or a Tableau Flow is opened in Prep Builder, the “Parameters” button appears as shown below.

By clicking on the “Parameters” button, a box is displayed, click on “Create Parameter”

In the popup window, users can edit the details for the parameter. Additionally by enabling the “Require selection at run time” option, the user is required to enter the desired value when the flow is running or being scheduled. Hit “OK” to create the parameter.

Additionally, multiple parameters can be created and saved in the flow as shown below.

Once created, these parameters can be used in the flow or while creating Tableau dashboards. For example, a parameter can be used to restrict by adding a filter as shown below.


By utilizing parameters in Tableau Prep Builder, it is easier to handle complex logic during the data preparation process.