Trying out Animated Loader Buttons in Figma


This is Pooja from the Alliance Department. This blog encapsulates the how to Animate Loader Button conveniently.

Loader Button

In Figma, a loader button is a type of interactive component that provides visual feedback to indicate that an action is in progress or loading. It is commonly used in user interfaces, particularly when a task requires some time to complete, such as submitting a form or loading content from a server.
A loader button typically replaces its original content with a loading animation or spinner while the action is being processed.
Loader Button
In Figma, you can create a loader button by combining interactive components and animated elements.
To create a loader button in Figma, you would typically design two states: the default state (initial appearance of the button) and the loading state (the state that displays the loading animation). You can then use Figma's interactive and prototyping features to define the transitions and interactions between these states.
By incorporating loader buttons in your designs, you can improve the user experience by providing clear feedback and reducing any potential confusion or frustration caused by delays in processing actions.


To create an animated loading button in Figma, follow these steps:
  • Create an Ellipse of a smaller dimension (preferably 50x50).


  • Using the arc function create a 75° sweep and turn the transparency to 100%.


  • Format the color and the tips of the stroke as shown in the diagram below.


  • Select the ellipse and hit the components button and create the component, add variants to the component, changing the angle of each at 90° in the anti-clockwise direction.

  • With the help of the Prototype option, create the necessary connections shown in the image below.


  • Add the ellipse component to a premade mobile screen and hit the play button to see, the animation in full effect
  • The "Animated Load Button", is a screen recording of the preview.

Animated Load Button

These steps will guide you in creating an animated loading button in Figma.


Animating loading buttons not only adds an element of interactivity but also enhances the user experience by providing feedback during loading processes. Figma's intuitive interface and animation capabilities make it a powerful tool for designing and prototyping such dynamic elements.

Now, it's time for you to apply what you've learned and create your own stunning loading button animations. Happy designing!"