How to use unlimited Email addresses using a single account

How to use unlimited Email addresses using a single account

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Users may not be aware, but in fact with a single email account it is possible to use unlimited email addresses. This could eliminate the hassle to sign up for each one of the addresses individually. This post explains how to use an unlimited number of email addresses and manage them all at the same time using just one account.

How to Use Multiple Email Address:

Have you heard of plus addressing or subaddressing? By simply adding + to your email name this trick can add unlimited addresses to your account and you can track emails sent to those addresses within a single account.

Suppose that your email address is then the subaddress will have a format The value of “tag” can be any desired alphanumeric string which may contain permitted special characters as well. The typical use case would be to provide customized tags for various purposes such as etc. It is a nice trick to track where your spam emails are coming from.

Some permitted special characters are ! # $ % & ’ _ = - ~ ^ | { } * ? . / However please note that certain special characters are not permitted in the address such as ( ) [ ] , : ; " \

A randomly customized plus address can look like myname+Ms24! or myname+L_p*k9=$3R&

You can use this feature with your regular email account such as the one with Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft 365, Proton etc. Plus addressing is not available in case of certain providers such as Yahoo, where they have a different form of disposable email address. For example, in the case of Yahoo Mail, sub-addresses can be created using a hyphen - separator and those must be individually setup in advance.


Using this simple trick, your emailing experience will have an enhanced feature. Try it !!!


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