[2021] Summary of all AWS services (translated)

Hello. This is Takeda from the Services Group. This entry is the 2021 version of the summary of all AWS services that I have been publishing since 2018.



This is a translation of the following article:

[2021] Summary of all AWS services (translated)

Hello. This is Takeda from the Services Group.

This entry is the 2021 version of the AWS All Services Summary published since 2018.

There are many services in AWS, but what are they all about? In this article, I've summarized them to help you understand the question in your way.

This time, I opened the management console and made a list based on the "Services" list. Therefore, services that are not on the list, such as preview versions, are not included. Also, as this is an updated version of the one compiled in 2020, I have added [New] to the services that are newly added to the category and [Update] to the ones that have updated the text. The number of services is 205.

The following documents and many of our blogs were used as references in compiling this document.

AWS documentation

AWS | Developers.IO


[Update] Amazon EC2

The Official name is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, it is one of AWS's IaaS that allows you to create and run Linux/UNIX, Windows, macOS, and virtual machines with various specifications. It is integrated with EBS (Elastic Block Store) and ELB (Elastic Load Balancing).

[Update] Amazon Lightsail

A VPS service with a different pricing plan than EC2 that allows you to start a server with WordPress, Redmine, etc. installed with very little configuration. A migration path to EC2 is provided, and containers can be used.

[Update] AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a service that enables event-driven code execution by deploying only application code without requiring a server. It is a hub for other services and a core service for serverless architectures and can be used for cold-starting by using Provisioned Concurrency. The maximum execution time is 15 minutes.

AWS Batch

A service that allows you to execute batch processing. It is similar to Lambda in that it does not require a server and executes processes, but Lambda has 900 seconds maximum execution time per request, so it is used when you want to do time-consuming or complex processing. The process is registered in units of jobs, which are executed in ECS container clusters.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is an application deployment and management service, one of the PaaS of AWS, which is not a standalone EB, but a service for provisioning EC2, S3, RDS, ELB, etc.

AWS Serverless Application Repository

A cloud repository service for serverless applications. You can easily deploy public applications to your environment. You can also publish your applications, but you need to create them according to the AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM).

[Update] AWS Outposts

A fully managed service for extending AWS infrastructure and services on-premises to create a hybrid cloud, where hardware designed with AWS data center architecture is installed. Low-latency access can be achieved by physically locating the system near close to the on-premises system. The service is available as 42U rack and 1U and 2U form factors will be available in 2021.

[New] Amazon EC2 Image Builder

A service that automates the creation of Linux or Windows golden images for use with Amazon EC2 and on-premises. It creates a pipeline that automates image creation, testing, and maintenance, minimizing the effort to keep images secure and up-to-date.


[Update] Amazon S3

Officially known as Amazon Simple Storage Service, it is an object storage designed to provide 99.99% availability and 99.999999999% durability of objects over a given year. It offers Access policies, data encryption, versioning, MFA deletion, lifecycle management policies, event notification, static website hosting, tagging, cross-region replication, batch operations, access points, and many more features that are not exactly simple. It also offers standard, intelligent tiering, standard-IA, 1-zone-IA, Glacier, Glacier Deep Archive, and low redundancy (deprecated) storage classes. It is possible to automatically migrate the storage class of an object by setting its lifecycle.

Amazon EFS

Amazon EFS, officially known as Amazon Elastic File System, is a fully managed NFS server service. It allows simultaneous access from up to several thousand EC2 instances and scales automatically to petabyte units. Cost-effective low-frequency access storage classes are available by configuring lifecycle policies.

Amazon FSx

A fully managed file server service which offers Amazon FSx for Windows File Server and Amazon FSx for Lustre for Windows is a file server for Windows, and for Lustre is a file server for HPC computing and machine learning.

Amazon S3 Glacier

A low-cost, high-durability storage service optimized for infrequently used data (cold data). It is suitable for archiving and backup applications. It is a separate service from the S3 Glacier storage class.

AWS Storage Gateway

A service that allows on-premises appliances to connect to cloud-based storage. It supports different interfaces: file-based, volume-based, and tape-based.

AWS Backup

A service that centralizes and automates backups of services such as EBS and EFS, with a different use case for Amazon DLM (Data Lifecycle Manager), which manages the lifecycle of creating, restoring, and deleting EBS snapshots.


Amazon RDS

Officially known as Amazon Relational Database Service, Amazon RDS is a fully managed RDB server service. The service is available in six database engines: Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. Aurora also offers multi-master clusters, Aurora Serverless for automatic start/stop and scaling, and Aurora Global Database for spanning multiple AWS regions.

[Update] Amazon DynamoDB

A fully managed, key-value NoSQL database service. You can adjust performance with secondary indexes and throughput capacity. CRUD operations with PartiQL are also possible.

Amazon ElastiCache

Fully managed, distributed in-memory data store service. It supports Memcached and Redis as cache engines.

Amazon Neptune

A fully managed graph database service. It supports Property Graph and W3C RDF as graph models, and Apache TinkerPop Gremlin and SPARQL as query languages.

Amazon QLDB

Amazon Quantum Ledger Database is a fully managed ledger database service. It keeps an immutable history of data changes and can cryptographically verify the validity of the history. It also supports PartiQL for SQL-like operations.

Amazon DocumentDB

Amazon DocumentDB is a fully managed, document-oriented database service that is compatible with MongoDB, allowing you to use the same application code and drivers as MongoDB.

[Update] Amazon Keyspaces

A fully managed, Apache Cassandra compatible database service. It is highly available and secure, with virtually unlimited throughput and storage. You can migrate the same Cassandra Query Language (CQL) application code you use today to the AWS cloud.

[New] Amazon Timestream

A fully managed time series database service that facilitates the storage, retrieval, and analysis of time-stamped time series data collected from IoT devices and other sources.

Migrations and Transfers

[Update] AWS Migration Hub

A dashboard service to track the application migration status of various migration tools, integrated with Database Migration Service, Server Migration Service, CloudEndure, etc.

AWS Application Discovery Service

Data collection service for on-premises servers, including basic information, usage, and configuration, integrated into Migration Hub.

AWS Database Migration Service

Data migration service between the same DB products and migration to other DB products. In addition to RDB, MongoDB and S3 are supported as sources. In addition to RDB, S3, DynamoDB, Redshift, Kinesis Data Streams, Elasticsearch Service, and DocumentDB are supported as targets. It is integrated into Migration Hub.

AWS Server Migration Service

AWS Server Migration Service is a service for migrating on-premises VMware or Hyper-V virtual machines to AWS cloud environments, integrated into Migration Hub.

[Update] AWS Transfer Family

AWS Transfer for SFTP, a fully managed SFTP service, has been renamed AWS Transfer for SFTP since it supports FTP and FTPS. S3 is used as the backend for SFTP (and FTP and FTPS) servers so that uploaded files can be archived and processed.

[Update] AWS Snow Family

AWS-owned appliances are used to migrate data between on-premises and AWS and local edge computing workloads. The Snow Family, comprised of AWS Snowball, AWS Snowball Edge, AWSSnowcone, and AWS Snowmobile, which differ in physical size and data capacity.

[Update] AWS DataSync

A data transfer service that automates data movement between on-premises storage and S3 or EFS. DataSync Agent can be deployed in an on-premises environment and data can be copied via DX or the Internet. Also, data can be transferred agentless between AWS storage services.

Networking and Content Delivery

[Update] Amazon VPC

Officially known as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, this is a virtual network service that can be created in the AWS cloud. It provides resources such as subnet, Elastic IP, security group, network ACL, gateway, route table, network firewall, and endpoint.

Amazon CloudFront

A CDN service for delivering static and dynamic web content, with support for delivering web content via HTTP/HTTPS and streaming media files using RTMP.

[Update] Amazon Route 53

A fully managed DNS server service. It supports resource health checks (plus DNS failover), DNSSEC, various routing and traffic policies, and alias records as well as the usual record types.

[Update] Amazon API Gateway

A service for creating and deploying RESTful APIs with three API types: REST API, Websocket API, and HTTP API. It supports websites, Lambda functions, and other AWS services as endpoints. Swagger and OpenAPI definition files can be imported and exported.

AWS Direct Connect

A private network service that connects an on-premises network to an AWS network (VPC). It is commonly abbreviated as DX.

AWS App Mesh

A service mesh service that enables consistent visibility and network control between microservice applications by using Envoy proxy. Supported services include AWS Fargate, Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS and Kubernetes applications on AWS.

AWS Cloud Map

AWS Cloud Map is a fully managed resource mapping management service that allows you to name any cloud resource. It integrates with Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate and automatically registers/unregisters with AWS Cloud Map by enabling service discovery.

AWS Global Accelerator

A global network service that allows you to route traffic to multiple regions. It uses the high-availability and congestion-free AWS network to direct traffic to the regions where your applications run.

Developer Tools

AWS CodeStar

A product development environment template creation service that creates an environment that integrates CodeCommit, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy with CodePipeline. Depending on the application, EC2/Beanstalk/Lambda is selected as the deployment destination.

AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodeCommit is a fully managed Git repository hosting service that can integrate with CodeDeploy and CodePipeline.

[New] AWS CodeArtifact

A fully managed artifact repository service that works with package managers and builds tools such as Maven/Gradle, npm/yarn, pip/twine, and NuGet.

AWS CodeBuild

Fully managed build service. You can compile and test your source code. S3, CodeCommit, Bitbucket, GitHub and GitHub Enterprise can be specified as build targets.

AWS CodeDeploy

AWS CodeDeploy is an application deployment automation service that allows you to deploy content stored in S3, GitHub, and Bitbucket to EC2, on-premise, Lambda, and ECS.

AWS CodePipeline

A continuous delivery service that visualizes and automates the build, testing, deployment, and approval of source code. It allows you to build a release process by specifying actions (services to work with such as CodeCommit and CodeBuild) at each stage (build and test).

AWS Cloud9

A cloud-based, browser-based IDE for testing and debugging Lambda. It also offers pair programming.


AWS X-Ray is a monitoring service that collects data about requests processed by applications. Data such as response time and response status can be collected, displayed, filtered, and analyzed. SQL queries can also be traced by using the SDK.


AWS RoboMaker

A service that integrates Robot Operating System (ROS) and cloud services to easily develop, simulate, test, deploy, update, and manage robot applications. The service can offer to offload to the cloud the more resource-intensive computing processes with AWS machine learning, monitoring, and analysis services.

Customer Enablement


AWS IQ is a service that supports the use of AWS certified third party experts for project work. It provides expert discovery, work requests, video conferencing, contract management, secure collaboration, integrated billing, and more.

AWS Support

A support center service that allows you to draft and manage support cases. Previously, you had to follow the Support > Support Center flow in the upper right corner, but now it has been added to the list of services in the management console.

AWS Managed Services

An operations automation service for large enterprises, such as those listed in the Fortune 100. A service that allows you to continue to use (or migrate) your existing ITIL-compliant IT operations processes, such as change management and fault management, to AWS.

[New] AWS Activate for Startups

AWS Activate for Startups is a service that provides AWS credits and support credits to startups to help them grow their business. there are Founders and Portfolio programs, each with different application criteria and benefits.

AWS has launched the Activate Founders package for Startups ?


Amazon Managed Blockchain

A fully managed blockchain network service that uses Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum to build applications that allow multiple parties to perform transactions without the need for a trusted central authority.


AWS Ground Station

A service that allows you to use a fully managed satellite ground station. It is available on an as-needed basis at a pay-as-you-go cost, and capacity can be reserved in advance.

Quantum Technologies

[Update] Amazon Braket

A fully managed service that supports the use of quantum computers. Amazon Braket SDK for handling qubits and quantum circuits is provided and can be used with Jupyter Notebook. It provides a development environment for simulating quantum computers and access to real quantum computers from the same code.

Administration and Governance

[Update] AWS Organizations

A service that allows you to manage multiple AWS accounts on a policy basis, just like an IAM user. It includes a feature called Consolidated Billing, which allows you to collectively pay for expenses incurred by member accounts (accounts added to the organization) with the master account (the account that created the organization). Service control policy, tag policy, opt-out policy for AI services, and backup policy can be used to apply policies to member accounts in bulk.

[Update] Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch is monitoring, analytics, and dashboard service for AWS resources and applications running on AWS. CloudWatch Metrics collects metrics such as CPU usage and network I/O. CloudWatch Logs, Logs Insights and Contributor Insights collect, manage and analyze logs. Anomaly Detection to analyze metrics and detect anomalies, CloudWatch Alarms to create alarms in conjunction with SNS and Auto Scaling. CloudWatch Events monitors AWS resource change events and provides real-time notifications to targets such as Lambda. Also ServiceLens integrates with AWS X-Ray to monitor and troubleshoot application problems. CloudWatch Synthetics provides synthetic monitoring of web applications.

AWS Auto Scaling

A service that allows you to set up scaling plans for multiple resources, including EC2 instances and spot fleets, ECS tasks, DynamoDB tables and indexes, and Aurora replicas. Predictive scaling with machine learning is also available in the EC2 Auto Scaling group.

AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation is an AWS orchestration service that allows you to create and configure each AWS component based on a configuration file written in JSON or YAML. For continuous deployment of applications, use another service.

[Update] AWS CloudTrail

An operational and risk audit support service that captures and collects AWS API call history (events). SNS notification of log file distribution is also possible. It also supports S3 object-level logging and Lambda function-level logging as data events. By using CloudTrail Insights, the trail information can be analyzed by machine learning and detected as abnormal API calls.

AWS Config

AWS Config is an operational support service for change management and configuration evaluation that captures and collects the configuration history of AWS resources. It tracks resource configuration changes, detects configuration changes that deviate from the rules, and provides continuous evaluation.

AWS OpsWorks

Application deployment and management service. It uses Chef as a provisioning tool, which allows for a more flexible configuration than Beanstalk.

AWS Service Catalog

A service that allows users to register products (CloudFormation templates), constraints, and usage permissions in a portfolio and launch products as needed. The service can be launched even if the user does not have the permissions for the resource to be created.

[Update] AWS Systems Manager

AWS Systems Manager is an operational automation service that allows you to group AWS resources, collect and view the group's configuration and status (inventory), and automatically execute tasks on the group. Explorer, OpsCenter, Dashboard, Personal Health Dashboard, Application Manager, Resource Groups, AppConfig, and Parameter Store. Also Change Manager, Automation, Calendar Changes, Maintenance Window, Fleet Manager, Compliance, and Inventory. Managed Instances, Hybrid Activation, Session Manager, Execution Commands, State Manager, Patch Manager, Distributor, and a large number of other features. Originally, the service was called Amazon EC2 Systems Manager, but now it can handle S3, RDS, etc. and has been integrated as AWS Systems Manager. By the way, the abbreviation SSM is the name of the first service, Amazon Simple Systems Manager.

[New] AWS AppConfig

A service that dynamically and securely deploys application configuration data to applications hosted on EC2 instances, AWS Lambda, containers, mobile applications, and IoT devices. Deploys configuration changes without building the application or stopping the service. The dashboard is integrated into AWS Systems Manager.

AWS Trusted Advisor

AWS Trusted Advisor is a service that examines a user's AWS environment following AWS best practices and provides recommendations. It provides recommendations on cost optimization, performance, security, reliability, and service limitations.

AWS Control Tower

A service that automates the configuration of a landing zone (a preconfigured secure AWS environment). In a multi-account AWS environment with a large number of accounts, it enables the control of security settings for each account through continuous policy capture and a unified dashboard.

AWS License Manager

A service that makes it easy to manage licenses on AWS servers and on-premises servers. By creating and applying license rules, it enables tracking, visibility, and control of license violations. You can also control things like not being able to start EC2 when a license violation occurs.

AWS Well-Architected Tool

AWS Well-Architected Tool is a service that allows AWS users to evaluate and review the systems they have built to ensure that they follow the latest AWS architectural best practices. You can obtain evaluation results by answering a series of questions about operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.

AWS Personal Health Dashboard

AWS Personal Health Dashboard is a Health API-based dashboard service that integrates with CloudWatch Logs. It provides status and notifications for all services in all regions and AZs.

[Update] AWS Chatbot

A ChatOps service for AWS that processes service notifications from Amazon SNS and forwards them to Amazon Chime or Slack so that you can monitor and respond to operational events in the AWS cloud.

[New] AWS Launch Wizard

A service that makes it easy to deploy applications that follow AWS cloud application best practices. A CloudFormation template is generated during initial deployment, and subsequent deployments use that template. Three types of deployments are supported: SQL Server, SAP, and Active Directory.

New – Accelerate SAP Deployments with AWS Launch Wizard Deploy Microsoft Active Directory Infrastructure on Amazon EC2 using AWS Launch Wizard

[Update] AWS Compute Optimizer

A resource optimization service for EC2, Auto Scaling groups, EBS, and Lambda functions that use machine learning to analyze metrics such as CPU usage, memory, and storage to provide recommendations for resource optimization.

[New] AWS Resource Groups

A service that allows you to group resources by region, display insights, and automate tasks. The link used to be available in the header menu of the management console, but it has been moved to the service list.

[New] Tag Editor

A service that allows you to search for resources and edit tags in bulk. The links themselves are combined into a single Resource Groups & Tag Editor.

[New] Amazon Managed Service for Grafana

A fully-managed dashboard service for Grafana that collects, analyzes, and visualizes data from multiple data sources such as CloudWatch and Elasticsearch Service. This is a preview version at the time of writing.

[New] Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus

Fully managed Prometheus container monitoring service with PromQL query support and over 150 Prometheus exporters, including support for EKS and ECS, as well as monitoring of on-premises Kubernetes clusters. This is a preview version at the time of writing.

[New] AWS Proton

A fully managed serverless/container-based application infrastructure and service management, deployment, and monitoring service. It uses CloudFormation internally and is divided into two layers, environment and service, with templates created and managed for each. This is a preview version at the time of writing.

Media Services

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams is a service that allows you to securely import streaming video data sent from millions of devices. It can import data from a wide variety of devices, including edge devices, smartphones, security cameras, radio detectors, laser detectors, drones, satellites, in-car cameras, and depth sensors.

AWS Elemental MediaConnect

AWS Elemental MediaConnect is a high quality live video transmission service that allows video to be sent from Elemental Live or on-premises over the AWS global network. It supports a wide variety of video processing resources, including Elemental MediaLive, on-premises devices, and IRDs (satellite receivers).

AWS Elemental MediaConvert

A file-based video conversion service for large-scale broadcast and multiscreen delivery. It supports graphic overlays, content protection, multilingual audio, closed captioning, and more delivery-friendly formats such as H.265.

AWS Elemental MediaLive

Live video encoding service for large scale broadcast and multi-screen delivery. Advanced features such as ad marker support and audio features (volume normalization, Dolby audio, multiple subtitle standards, etc.) are supported.

AWS Elemental MediaPackage

AWS Elemental MediaPackage is a service that creates video streams from a single video input in a format that can be played on a variety of devices, and can be integrated with MediaLive and CloudFront for live video processing and global distribution.

[Update] AWS Elemental MediaStore

A media storage service for storing live and on-demand video content. It uses S3 as the backend to achieve long-term durability. Standard and low-frequency access are available as storage types.

AWS Elemental MediaTailor

A service that supports server-side insertion of video ads to personalize and monetize content. Accurate reports are automatically generated to measure the number of ad views and viewer behavior across web, iOS, Android, and other connected viewing devices.

[Update] AWS Elemental Appliances & Software

A service that allows you to quote and purchase video processing and delivery solutions for on-premise use provided by AWS Elemental. The appliances and licenses offered include AWS Elemental Live, a live encoder product. AWS Elemental Server for a file-based video conversion product. AWS Elemental Delta for packaging lives and on-demand video content. AWS Elemental Conductor, a video network management system. AWS Elemental Link, which connects live video sources such as cameras and video production equipment to Elemental MediaLive.

[New] Amazon Interactive Video Service

Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS) is a service that allows you to create a live streaming environment, using the same technology as Twitch to achieve low latency and interactivity. The Amazon IVS Player SDK is provided for quick and easy deployment of live streaming to iOS, Android, and web applications.

Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Amazon Elastic Transcoder is a service that converts media files (video files such as AVI and audio files) stored in S3 to other formats such as H.264 and enables status notification through SNS integration and encryption of output files using KMS.

Machine Learning

[Update] Amazon SageMaker.

A fully managed machine learning service. It provides a browser-based IDE and instances running Jupyter notebooks that can be used without setup for exploration, cleansing, and preprocessing. Quickly and easily build, train, and host machine learning models. SageMaker Neo for optimizing machine learning models for specific devices. SageMaker Search for searching machine learning models. SageMaker RL for reinforcement learning. SageMaker Ground Truth for creating the true value of a data set. SageMaker Studio, a browser-based IDE. SageMaker Experiments, an experiment management tool. SageMaker Notebooks, a new notebook management feature. SageMaker Debugger for debugging models. SageMaker Autopilot for automatic model creation. SageMaker Processing for preprocessing, postprocessing and evaluation. SageMaker Model Monitor for monitoring models and detecting concept drift. SageMaker Pipelines for creating and managing a series of workflows as a pipeline. SageMaker Feature Store, which provides a repository for managing features. SageMaker Data Wrangler, which simplifies the preprocessing of data import, transformation, and visualization. SageMaker Clarify, which detects potential biases in data and models.

[New] Amazon Augmented AI

A service for building and managing workflows that require a human review of machine learning applications. Abbreviated as Amazon A2I, the dashboard is integrated into Amazon SageMaker.

[Update] Amazon CodeGuru.

An automated code review service that uses machine learning. CodeGuru is an automated code review service that uses machine learning to review the reliability of your code, including thread safety and sanitization. It provides CodeGuru Reviewer to review code reliability such as thread safety and sanitization, and CodeGuru Profiler to detect code performance such as CPU usage.

Amazon Comprehend

A fully managed natural language processing service. It can detect places, people, key phrases, and emotions (positive/negative/mixed/neutral) in text.

Amazon Forecast

Fully managed time series forecasting service. The data can be imported from S3 and is automatically scrutinized, key items are identified, and forecast models are created to make forecasts. It can be used for use cases such as product demand planning, financial planning, and resource planning.

[Update] Amazon Fraud Detector

A fully managed service that can detect potentially fraudulent online activity, such as online payment fraud and fake account creation. Fraud detection models can be built using machine learning and over 20 years of Amazon's fraud detection expertise.

[Update] Amazon Kendra

An enterprise search service that leverages machine learning. It uses natural language to search unstructured data such as Confluence, SharePoint, and S3.

Amazon Lex

A service for building interactive interfaces that respond to voice and text, such as Chatbot. It can use the same deep learning technology as Alexa for natural language processing.

Amazon Machine Learning

A service that builds machine learning models and generates predictions. The data source for the models can be a dataset stored in S3, Redshift, or MySQL in RDS.

Amazon Personalize

Amazon Personalize is a real-time personalization and recommendation generation service that includes AutoML capabilities to load and inspect data, select appropriate algorithms, train models, provide metrics, and generate personalized predictions by placing the data in S3.

Amazon Polly

A text-to-speech service that converts text into natural speech. It uses the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) to customize various elements of speech, such as pronunciation, volume, and speaking speed. Using SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language), various elements of speech can be customized, including pronunciation, volume, and speaking speed. It is also possible to customize the pronunciation of words using a lexicon.

Amazon Rekognition

Fully managed image and video analytics service. It can detect objects, scenes, text, and faces in images and videos, recognize celebrities and identify inappropriate content. It also allows you to build your models with custom labels to identify unique objects and scenes.

Amazon Textract

A text extraction service that automatically extracts text and data from electronic documents. It can identify and extract multi-column layouts, table and form relationships, etc., which are difficult to extract with conventional OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Amazon Transcribe

A transcription service that converts audio into text. It can also transcribe unclear audio such as phone calls. There is also a specialized medical service, Amazon Transcribe Medical.

Amazon Translate

A neural machine translation service that can convert text-based content into multiple languages. It supports both batch translation for mass translation of existing text and real-time translation for on-demand translation.

[New] AWS DeepComposer

A service that allows you to learn machine learning while creating music using generative AI models. Generative AI algorithms supported are Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), and Transformer.

AWS DeepComposer – Now Generally Available With New Features

AWS DeepLens

AWS DeepLens is a programmable video camera for deep learning that integrates and works with Kinesis Video Streams, Rekognition Video, SageMaker, and Lambda.

AWS DeepRacer

A service that allows users to learn machine learning while having fun, using a 1/18th scale autonomous vehicle driven by reinforcement learning. AWS DeepRacer Evo is the second generation of AWS DeepRacer, which includes a new LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor and a stereo camera sensor. DeepRacer Evo is now capable of training more advanced reinforcement learning models that can detect objects and avoid other machines.

[New] AWS Panorama

A service to run computer vision on on-premise cameras. As an edge device, you can use a Panorama appliance purchased directly or a third-party device that supports Panorama with the Panorama SDK. This is a preview version at the time of writing.

[New] Amazon Monitron

An end-to-end system that uses machine learning to automatically detect abnormal behavior of industrial machines. A dedicated device is installed, and monitoring can be done with a mobile app.

[New] Amazon HealthLake

Amazon HealthLake is a HIPAA *1-compliant service that enables healthcare organizations to store, transform, query, and analyze petabytes of medical data in a centralized data lake. This is a preview version at the time of writing.

Introducing Amazon HealthLake to make sense of health data

[New] Amazon Lookout for Vision

A service that uses machine learning to automatically detect defective products such as industrial products. Training is possible with a minimum of 20 normal images and 10 abnormal images. This is a preview version at the time of writing.

[New] Amazon Lookout for Equipment

A service that uses machine learning to automatically detect abnormal behavior of industrial machines. Sensor data is stored in S3, from which models are created and inferences are made, and the results are stored in S3. This is a preview version at the time of writing.

[New] Amazon Lookout for Metrics

Amazon Lookout for Metrics is a service that automatically detects anomalies in metrics using machine learning. It supports various data sources such as S3, RDS, Salesforce, Google Analytics, etc. Detected anomalies can be notified via SNS, Lambda, Datadog, Slack, etc. This is a preview version at the time of writing.


[Update] Amazon Athena

An interactive query service that allows you to analyze S3 data using standard SQL, and to query RDS, DynamoDB, etc. using Federated Query. It is built on Presto and supports various standard data formats such as CSV, JSON, ORC, Avro, Parquet, etc. It also supports geospatial functions. It is automatically executed in parallel.

[Update] Amazon Redshift

Fully managed data warehousing service with PostgreSQL compatible interface so that PostgreSQL management tools can be used. PostgreSQL, MySQL) and Aurora (PostgreSQL, MySQL) directly by using Federated Query.

Amazon EMR

Officially known as Amazon Elastic MapReduce, it is a fully managed (Hadoop, Spark, etc.) big data framework service. HDFS as storage, EMRFS for direct use of S3, and local file systems.

Amazon CloudSearch

Fully managed Solr-based custom search service. It is scalable, highly reliable and performant, and has rich search features.

[Update] Amazon Elasticsearch Service

A fully managed Elasticsearch cluster service with Kibana and Logstash support and integration with S3, Kinesis, and DynamoDB. Kibana also supports SAML authentication.

Amazon Kinesis

A service that can process streaming data in real time. Fast and continuous data ingestion and aggregation Kinesis Data Streams, providing real-time streaming data to destinations such as S3, Redshift, and Elasticsearch Service Kinesis Data Firehose, and Kinesis Data Analytics, which uses standard SQL to process and analyze streaming data.

[Update] Amazon QuickSight

A cloud BI service that enables easy and fast data analysis and visualization. You can use RDB (RDS, on-premise RDB, etc.), S3, Athena, Redshift, files such as Excel and CSV, and SaaS (Salesforce, Jira, etc.) as data sources. It provides features such as ad-hoc analysis, creation of dashboards to visualize data, and ML Insights that can use machine learning to detect anomalies.

AWS Data Pipeline

AWS Data Pipeline is a service that can migrate and convert data between services (nodes). DynamoDB, RDS, Redshift, and S3 are supported as services that can be linked. Defined processes are executed in EC2 or EMR, and can be used as a job scheduler when combined with the scheduling function.

AWS Data Exchange

A service that allows you to search, subscribe to and use data sets provided by certified data providers. It can also be used in conjunction with CloudWatch Events to retrieve data for new revisions.

[Update] AWS Glue

AWS Glue is a fully-managed ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) service that crawls data sources such as RDS and S3 to build data catalogs, and then registers triggers for ETL processing as jobs (scheduled, concatenated, on-demand) to execute the processing. GUI development is also possible using Glue Studio.

AWS Lake Formation

It is a fully managed service for building data lakes that automates the collection, cleansing, movement, and cataloging of data and makes it safe to use through analytics and machine learning.

[Update] Amazon MSK

The official name is Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka, a fully managed Apache Kafka service. It features high availability through multi-AZ replication and automatic component replacement in case of failure, and high security through integration with VPC, IAM, KMS, and Lambda.

[New] AWS Glue DataBrew

AWS Glue DataBrew is a visual data preparation tool that allows you to cleanse and normalize data without writing code. 250+ built-in transformations are provided to automate tasks such as filtering anomalies, transforming data, and fixing invalid values.

Security, Identity, and Compliance


AWS IAM, formally known as AWS Identity and Access Management, is a service for securely controlling access to AWS resources through user authentication and access permissions. Access control is performed by attaching policies that define access permissions to resources such as users, groups, and roles. Besides, by using STS (Security Token Service), cross-account access and ID federation using temporary credentials are possible.

AWS Resource Access Manager

A service that enables secure sharing of AWS resources among multiple AWS accounts. There are two ways to share: one is to share between individual accounts, and the other is to enable and share at the Organizations level.

Amazon Cognito

A service that enables user authentication (issuing IDs) and application data synchronization. You can create and manage user directories and add signups and signins to your mobile and web apps with Cognito User Pools. Cognito Federated Identity enables authenticating with federated identity providers and create temporary credentials with STS . Cognito Sync supports offline access to application-related user data and synchronization across devices.

AWS Secrets Manager

A fully managed service for managing database credentials, API keys, and other secret information, with built-in integrations to RDS (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and Aurora for automatic password rotation on a regular basis.

[Update] Amazon GuardDuty

A continuous security monitoring service that monitors and analyzes VPC flow logs, CloudTrail event logs, and DNS logs. Results generated by GuardDuty can be integrated with EventBridge(CloudWatch Events).

Amazon Inspector

An automated security assessment service that analyzes the behavior of AWS resources. An Inspector agent is installed on each instance of the evaluation target. The agent collects and analyzes data (telemetry) such as secure communication usage, inter-process network traffic, and AWS resource behavior and configuration, and compares it to security rules.

Amazon Macie

A fully managed security service that automatically detects, classifies and protects data stored in S3 using machine learning. It recognizes sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII) and intellectual property and also analyzes access patterns and user behavior to monitor the risk of unauthorized access and inadvertent data leaks.

AWS Single Sign-On

A service that manages single sign-on using Microsoft Active Directory credentials, including AWS accounts managed by AWS Organizations, business cloud applications *2 and applications that support SAML 2.0. AD in the cloud (Microsoft AD) or on-premises AD (Microsoft AD and Trust Relationship or AD Connector) is supported, but not Simple AD.

AWS Certificate Manager

AWS Certificate Manager is a service that allows you to provision, manage, and deploy SSL/TLS certificates for use with various AWS services. Certificates cannot be installed directly on websites or applications but must be installed on supported services. The certificates issued are valid for 13 months and are automatically renewed.

AWS Key Management Service

A fully managed encryption key creation and management service that integrates with AWS services such as EBS, S3, Redshift, Transcoder, WorkMail, and RDS to simplify the encryption of data with user-managed encryption keys.


AWS CloudHSM is a fully managed hardware security module (HSM) management service that is FIPS 140-2 level 3 compliant and can be used for services with high security requirements. To create a CloudHSM cluster, it is recommended to use HA (High Availability) configuration with HSMs in each AZ in the region.

AWS Directory Service

Fully managed directory server service. There are five directory types available: Amazon Cloud Directory, a cloud-native, graph-based directory store. Amazon Cognito Your User Pools, a user directory that adds sign-up and sign-in to mobile or web apps. Microsoft AD, a managed Microsoft Active Directory. Simple AD, an AD-compatible directory powered by Samba 4. AD Connector, which works with on-premise AD.

[Update] AWS WAF

A web application firewall that monitors HTTP/HTTPS requests and detects and prevents malicious requests. By creating conditions, rules, and web ACLs, access to content can be controlled. It supports CloudFront, ALB, API Gateway or AppSync, and provides managed rules.

AWS Shield

A service to protect AWS resources from DDoS attacks, offering two different protection levels: Standard and Advanced. Standard is a free, automatically applied service that mitigates L3/L4 level attacks such as SYN/UDP flood and reflection attacks. Advanced is a paid service that provides enhanced application protection for ELB, CloudFront, and Route 53, and mitigates L3/L4/L7 level DDoS attacks. The links themselves are combined into one as WAF & Shield.

[Update] AWS Firewall Manager

A security management service that allows centralized management of AWS WAFs. The service enables the cross-sectional application of WAFs across a large number of AWS accounts and environments. The use of AWS Organizations is a prerequisite for use of this service. It has been added to the list of services in the management console, but for some reason, it jumps to the WAF page.

AWS Artifact

An online download service for compliance and security documentation in the AWS cloud, including ISO, PCI, and SOC reports. It is recommended that downloaded documents (audit artifacts) be shared only with trusted parties using a secure document sharing service.

AWS Security Hub

A comprehensive view of high-priority security alerts and compliance status for all AWS accounts, including security alerts and detection results from multiple AWS services and third parties such as GuardDuty, Inspector, Macie, etc.

[Update] Amazon Detective

Amazon Detective is a service that automatically collects CloudTrail, VPC Flow Logs, and GuardDuty logs and results to investigate and analyze potential security issues. This is a preview version at the time of writing. Integrates with GuardDuty, Security Hub and AWS partner security products for quick investigation of results.

[New] AWS Audit Manager

A service that continuously and automatically collects, evaluates, and reports evidence of resource usage using a prepared framework.

[New] AWS Signer

Fully managed code signing service. You can create signature profiles and represent a group of trusted publishers. Currently, Lambda and IoT are supported for code signing.


AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is a JavaScript/iOS/Android library for front-end mobile development that uses cloud services (AWS by default). AWS Amplify console is a web application continuous deployment and hosting service. Accessible from Amazon Management Console is the AWS Amplify console, which is not directly related to AWS Amplify (there is a GET STARTED link).

AWS Mobile Hub

An integrated console for mobile apps that works with AWS services such as Cognito, Lambda, Device Farm, and Pinpoint. Build, test, and monitor applications with features such as sign-in and push notifications.

AWS AppSync

AWS AppSync is a fully managed GraphQL-based online/offline real-time data synchronization service. It supports DynamoDB, Lambda, Elasticsearch Service, Aurora Serverless and HTTP endpoints as data sources.

AWS Device Farm

AWS Device Farm is a testing service that allows you to test iOS, Android, and web apps using real devices in the cloud. See documentation for a list of test devices. for more information.

[New] Amazon Location Service

A service that enables secure use of device location information. You can easily add functions such as maps, POI (Points Of Interest), geocoding, routing, geofences, and tracking to your applications. This is a preview version at the time of writing.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Amazon Sumerian

A service that provides the creation, building, and launching of Augmented Reality (VR), Virtual Reality (AR), and 3D applications, including the ability to make 3D characters talk by working with Polly and Lex.

Application Integration.

AWS Step Functions

A workflow service that coordinates distributed applications and microservices based on the concept of tasks and state machines. Two types of workflows are provided: Standard and Express. The domain logic is defined using Lambda functions, AWS services, or EC2 and ECS. Also, the entire workflow is defined as a state machine using ASL (Amazon States Language), a JSON-based language.

[New] Amazon AppFlow

A fully managed data integration service. It enables data integration between SaaS such as Salesforce and AWS services such as S3 and Redshift without writing any code.

Amazon EventBridge

Amazon EventBridge is a serverless event bus service that works with AWS services, your services, and SaaS applications to create an event-driven architecture. it is built on CloudWatch Events and extends CloudWatch Events. In the future, CloudWatch Events will be renamed to EventBridge.

Amazon MQ

A fully managed Apache ActiveMQ message broker service that supports APIs such as JMS and many protocols such as AMQP and OpenWire, making it suitable for migrating applications from existing message brokers.

[Update] Amazon Simple Notification Service

A fully managed push messaging service. It coordinates and manages the delivery or sending of messages to subscribed endpoints or clients. Supported subscribers include HTTP/HTTPS, Email, SMS (short message), SQS, Lambda, and applications (such as mobile). However, for push notifications to mobile devices, it is recommended to use Mobile Hub. Standard and FIFO topics are supported.

Introducing Amazon SNS FIFO – First-In-First-Out Pub/Sub Messaging

Amazon Simple Queue Service

Fully managed pull-type message queueing service. A reliable and scalable queue service that prevents tight coupling between distributed application components. Standard and FIFO queues are supported.

Amazon SWF

Formally known as Amazon Simple Workflow Service, it is a workflow service that coordinates multiple distributed components based on the concept of activities and deciders. The domain logic is implemented as an activity, and the entire workflow is implemented as a decider. In general, the Flow Framework is used for implementation (but only in some languages). Since the implementation is complex, it is recommended to use Step Functions if possible.

[New] Amazon Managed Workflow for Apache Airflow

A fully managed workflow management service for Apache Airflow. It represents workflows in a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) and allows scheduling and monitoring of jobs.

AWS Cost Management

AWS Cost Explorer

A service to visualize AWS costs and service usage. You can get cost analysis in graphs, usage reports, Reserved Instance (RI) reports, etc.

AWS Budgets

AWS Budgets is a service that allows you to set budgets and alerts you when costs or usage exceed (or are expected to exceed) the budgeted amount or amount. You can also set RI usage and RI coverage and receive alerts when usage falls below a set threshold.

AWS Marketplace Subscriptions

A service for managing software that is subscribed to by purchasing AMIs published on the AWS Marketplace.

Customer Engagement

Amazon Connect

A cloud-based contact center service that allows you to build a self-service customer contact center. It allows you to create Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with a combination of pre-defined processes, manage incoming calls, and track cases.

Amazon Pinpoint

A service that improves and promotes user engagement by understanding user behavior and delivering messages at the optimal time. It allows you to create user segments based on analytics, and create and manage push notification campaigns. To use it, you need to add your application to Mobile Hub as a mobile project and integrate it.

Amazon Simple Email Service

An email sending and receiving platform with high reliability and scalability. SES console, SMTP interface, and SES API (HTTPS, CLI, SDK, etc.) are provided for sending emails. A global suppression list common to all accounts in a region and an account-level suppression list managed on a per-region account basis is supported.

Business Applications

Alexa for Business

Alexa for Business is a service that provides skills and tools for using and managing Alexa in your organization, allowing you to centrally manage Alexa-enabled devices, register users, assign skills, and develop private skills for use only within your organization. You can also set up Alexa devices to be shared with everyone in a shared area of the office, and even control devices in a conference room by setting up a conference room.

Amazon Chime

An online meeting service that offers high quality video, voice, text chat, and screen sharing. There are three plans available: Basic, Plus, and Pro, but only Pro supports meetings with more than three people.

Amazon WorkMail

Fully managed webmail and calendar service. Uses a new or existing Directory Service (Simple AD, Microsoft AD or AD Connector) for user management. Mobile apps and desktop clients are supported, so you can send and receive once configured.

[New] Amazon Honeycode

A service that lets you build mobile and web applications without writing any code. It has a spreadsheet model GUI and can be easily integrated with SaaS applications and AWS services using Zapier or AppFlow. It is in beta at the time of writing.

Introducing Amazon Honeycode – Build Web & Mobile Apps Without Writing Code

End-User Computing

Amazon WorkSpaces

Microsoft Windows virtual cloud desktop service (DaaS; Desktop as a Service) for users. A new or existing Directory Service (Simple AD, Microsoft AD or AD Connector) is used for user management. The WorkSpaces client application is provided for connecting to virtual desktops.

Amazon AppStream 2.0

Fully managed desktop application streaming service. Windows desktop applications can be used as SaaS on any device using a browser. User management is supported with built-in user management (user pools), custom ID creation, and federation access using SAML 2.0.

Amazon WorkDocs

Fully managed enterprise storage service. Directory Service (Simple AD or AD Connector) is used for user authentication. Documents are shared by URL and managed by generation, and desktop folders can be synchronized with WorkDocs by using the WorkDocs Sync sync client.

Amazon WorkLink

Amazon WorkLink is a fully managed service that securely connects mobile devices to internal websites and web applications. A dedicated application is installed on the mobile device to connect to the rendering server, and the content is sent as SVG. The content is sent as SVG. The connection is safe because the content is not directly accessed from the outside.


AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT Core is a cloud platform that enables Internet-connected devices (cars, light bulbs, sensor grids, etc.) to easily and securely interconnect with the cloud and other devices. IoT devices can first connect to the device gateway to send and receive messages using protocols such as HTTP, MQTT, and WebSocket. The sent messages are evaluated by a rules engine, and Rule Action.

Amazon FreeRTOS

A Real Time Operating System (RTOS) for microcontrollers suitable for the IoT. It enables small, low-power edge devices to be easily programmed, deployed, protected, connected, and maintained. The dashboard is integrated into AWS IoT.

AWS IoT 1-Click

A service that allows you to run Lambda functions on simple devices. Supported devices are ready to use immediately after opening the package, and you can start using them by simply registering the device, grouping it, and linking it to a Lambda function.

AWS IoT Analytics

AWS IoT Analytics is a fully managed IoT analytics service that allows you to import messages from IoT Core and other services into your data store and analyze them using SQL. You can download the analysis results as CSV, search data with Jupyter Notebook, and visualize data with QuickSight.

AWS IoT Device Defender

A fully managed IoT security service. It can audit device settings and monitor them to detect abnormal behavior. It can be run periodically using a schedule, and alerts found can be received via SNS. The dashboard is integrated into the IoT Core.

AWS IoT Device Management

A service that can manage IoT devices from small scale to millions of devices. It provides onboarding device information and configuration, organizes device inventory, monitors devices, and remotely manages devices deployed in multiple locations. The dashboard is integrated into the IoT Core.

AWS IoT Events

AWS IoT Events is a service that can detect events that occur in IoT sensors and applications. Event logic can be built with simple conditional statements, and raw data or data processed by IoT Analytics can be received as input. As triggers when events occur, notifications via SNS and custom actions using Lambda functions can be set.

AWS Greengrass

AWS Greengrass is a service that allows you to deploy and execute serverless code (Lambda functions) on your IoT devices. By executing the code on the local device, it is possible to collect and analyze the generated data while communicating with each other securely on the local network. The dashboard is integrated into the IoT Core.

[Update] AWS IoT SiteWise

AWS IoT SiteWise is a service that enables you to collect, structure, and monitor data from industrial devices installed in your facility, installing IoT SiteWise software on Snowball Edge and third-party industrial gateways to automate data collection and structuring. At the time of writing, this is a preview version.

AWS IoT Things Graph

A service that allows you to build IoT applications by visually connecting various devices and web services. The created IoT applications can be packaged and deployed to Greengrass-enabled devices for use.

Game Development

Amazon GameLift

A service for building, deploying, and operating game servers for multiplayer games. It tracks game availability, automatically scales capacity, and deploys updates without taking your game offline.


[Update] Amazon ECR

The official name is Amazon Elastic Container Registry, a fully managed Docker container registry service that allows you to store, manage, and deploy Docker container images. The repository can be created as private or public.

Amazon ECS

Officially known as Amazon Elastic Container Service, it is a fully managed Docker container orchestration service. There are two types of ECS: Fargate launch type, which allows you to run containers without the need to manage servers or clusters, and EC2 launch type, which manages clusters of servers running containers on EC2. You can also customize the log output destination by using FireLens.

Amazon EKS

The official name is Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes, a fully managed Kubernetes service. It is a fully-managed Kubernetes service that does not require control plane management and operates on Multi-AZ so there is no single point of failure. It also supports Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate, which allows you to run EKS using AWS Fargate.

Services not listed in the management console

Amazon EBS

Officially known as Amazon Elastic Block Store, it is a persistent block storage volume that can be used in conjunction with EC2 instances in the AWS cloud, with automatic replication within AZ, high throughput with provisioned IOPS, snapshots, encryption, and dynamic capacity scaling. It has features such as automatic replication within AZ, high throughput with provisioned IOPS, snapshots, encryption, and dynamic capacity expansion. It also supports FSR (Fast Snapshot Restore), which enables full performance immediately after restoring a snapshot. The management console is integrated into EC2.

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling

A service that can be configured to automatically start or stop EC2 instances. User-defined policies, schedules, and health checks can be set as conditions. The management console is integrated into EC2.


AWS CDK, officially known as AWS Cloud Development Kit, allows users to define and provision cloud resources using programming languages such as TypyScript and Python. When deployed, resource definitions are converted into CloudFormation templates.


A command line tool for managing AWS services. It supports various operating systems and allows direct access to AWS public APIs through the CLI.

[New] AWS Copilot

A command line tool for ECS that is the successor to the ECS CLI. It can be used not only for applications but also for building pipelines. The same credentials as Docker and AWS CLI are required to use it.

Amazon Corretto

A Java SE standard compatible OpenJDK distribution provided by Amazon. It has features such as free of charge, long-term support, multi-platform, and compatibility certification by JCK (Java Compatibility Kit).

Amazon Lumberyard

A cross-platform AAA game engine with AWS and Twitch integration *3 that uses Cloud Canvas for easy implementation of cloud connectivity, and GameLift integration for easy deployment and scaling. It is in beta at the time of writing.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing service that allows users to request tasks from humans through a web UI or API. The tasks released by requesters are called HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks), and workers select HITs to execute and submit their responses. Workers (workers) select HITs and submit their responses. Once the requestor approves the submitted responses, workers are paid.

Amazon SimpleDB

The NoSQL database service has disappeared from the front page. According to an expert, it is still used behind the scenes in EMRs, and you can easily refer to the contents of tables via Eclipse plugins.

Amazon WAM

Officially known as Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager, this is a service that allows you to distribute and manage applications to WorkSpaces. You can control whether the installation is mandatory or optional, whether updates are automatic or manual, etc., and use this service to maintain security and compliance. The management console is integrated into WorkSpaces.

[New] AWS CloudShell

A browser-based shell environment with AWS CLI and PowerShell pre-installed, including ECS CLI, SAM CLI, Node.js and Python runtimes.

AWS Health

Health (API) is the foundation for the Personal Health Dashboard (PHD), which provides real-time visibility into the health of AWS resources, services, and accounts.

AWS Import/Export

AWS Import/Export is an offline data transfer service that is the predecessor of Snowball. By sending a storage device containing data, you can import/export a large amount of data to S3 or import it to EBS. In general, Snowball is recommended for importing data into S3 because it is faster and cheaper. no GUI is provided, instead use tool is provided.

[New] AWS Local Zones

Extend AWS regions to run AWS services in geographically close locations. Applications that are susceptible to latency can be deployed without having to prepare their installation locations. The management console is integrated into EC2.

AWS Schema Conversion Tool

A service that allows you to convert your existing database schema between database engines. There is no GUI available, but instead, Tool is provided.

[New] AWS Wavelength

A service that allows applications that require ultra-low latency to be deployed at the edge of a 5G network within a carrier network.

Announcing the first AWS Wavelength Zone in Tokyo, Japan

Elastic Load Balancing.

A load balancing service that distributes application traffic among multiple targets in EC2 or ECS. It monitors the status of the registered targets and routes traffic only to the normal targets. L7 Application Load Balancer, L4 Network Load Balancer, and the older Classic Load Balancer are provided. The management console is integrated into EC2.

Service Quotas

Service Quotas is a service that allows you to check and manage the quotas of AWS services through a dashboard. In addition to being able to check the limits of each service in one place, it is now possible to apply for a relaxation (quota increase) without using a support case.

TensorFlow on AWS

A Deep Learning AMI with MXNet, TensorFlow, Caffe2, PyTorch, Theano, CNTK, Keras, etc. pre-installed is provided. This allows you to quickly and easily start using deep learning in the cloud.

VMware Cloud on AWS

An on-demand service that allows you to run the VMware SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) stack on bare metal infrastructure in AWS. You can use the same VMware tools such as vSphere, vSAN, NSX, and vCenter on-premises and in the AWS cloud.


How was the "Summary of All AWS Services"? As for the "services not listed in the management console", I often asked myself, "What is an AWS service?" but don't worry about the details. By the way, there were 31 [New] services and 46 [Updated] services in the article. Of course, there are many services that have been announced but are not on the console list because they are preview versions, and services that have new features but are not included in this summary.

If you check the AWS announcements in 2020, there were 2326 (confirmed 2021-01-03). New features are being added every year, and it's hard to catch up with all of them. Nevertheless, best practices change as new services emerge. Let's catch up where we can so that we don't get left behind.

What's New 2020

I hope this entry is of some help to you.


  1. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
  2. Office 365, Salesforce, etc.
  3. Triple-A. A game industry term meaning a game with large development and development costs.