Alteryx Ver2018.2 がリリースされました – Alteyrx Inspire 2018 #alteryx18



Alteryx Inspire 2018 に来てます。 - Inspire 2018 | Alteryx


Inspire 2018 にあわせて?なのかわかりませんが Ver2018.2 のマイナーリリースがありました!

  • Data Sources
    • Apache Spark on Databricks supports in-database connections in a Databricks cluster.
    • Snowflake supports bulk write-only support for standard and in-database connections.
    • MySQL supports in-database connections.
    • You can now use the Input Data tool to select one or more data files stored within a GZip (.tar.gz) file.
    • You can write spatial objects to .tde and .hyper files.
  • Tools
    • The Apache Spark Code tool, previously known as the Spark Code tool, now uses Apache Spark on a Databricks cluster.
    • The predictive tools now use R version 3.4..
  • Additional Enhancements
    • The Python SDK is now generally available for use in constructing the run-time of custom Alteryx tools.
    • You can save multiple workflows as a workflow group, which can then be opened as one workflow group file (.yxwg).
    • You can select a default font for tools by going to Options > User Settings > Edit User Settings > Localization.
    • You can select three or more tools and right-click to distribute the tools evenly, either horizontally or vertically on the canvas.
    • You can update Connect credentials from the asset tool.
    • You can save all open workflows at the same time by pressing Ctrl + Shift + S.
    • You can hover over a workflow tab to see the file path for where that workflow is saved.
    • We have added fourteen new tutorials, which are available from the Help >Tutorials menu.
    • We have added several new one-tool examples, including: Base64 Encoder, Block Until Done, Dynamic Input, Field Info, and Message (in the Developer tool category) and File Browse (in the Interface tool category).

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