Ana joining Classmethod Berlin?


Newcomer in Berlin office

Hi everyone!

My name is Ana and on the 1st of July I started working as a Frontend developer in Classmethod Berlin. I am extremely excited about the opportunity and could not wait to start!

I am Ukrainian and came to Berlin together with my family. In January, my software adventure has started in the Ironhack Web Development Bootcamp. I am still learning online how to write dry and clean code using React as there is a huge room to grow ?‍?.

I always did a lot of sport and currently I stopped on jogging ?‍♀️ I have never thought of getting up early in the morning and starting my day by running. This is something I am very proud of! Running helps me to relax and to live in the moment enjoying the nature around me. Earlier I played basketball ?, football ⚽ and did some fitness and swimming ?‍♀️ 

I love reading ?, meeting new people, learning new languages and cultures.

I am frequently asked why I chose to learn web development after getting a master's degree in European and international law. I dedicated 7 years to legal studies ⚖️ and have never thought of becoming a web developer but then right after graduation I was offered a job as a Customer Support manager in the IT company ?, and I was curious to try. It worked out for me and after working with developers I figured out that writing code could be a thing I would like to do in life. I am not scared of a lifelong learning as I learn a lot of things every day and so do you. I can bet that your friends or people you work with have different educational backgrounds, come from different countries, and speak a wide variety of languages. This experience makes you a better person and teaches you valuable lessons daily.

I am extremely happy and honoured to become a part of the Classmethod family! Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity!