✈️I tried flying JS with GitHub Copilot?‍✈️?



Good Evening passengers?. This is your captain speaking. First I'd like to welcome everyone on today's flight with my Github Copilot?‍✈️

We are currently cruising at an altitude and airspeed where we get suggestions for whole lines and entire functions.?

The code looks good and with the copilot on our side, we are expecting to finish our code approximately fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. The code in our JS is clear, tested and of course free of bugs.??‍?

With the help of copilot we can definitely code confidently in unfamiliar territory without looking into docs. The cabin crew will be coming around in about every line and commenting to offer you the best possible suggestion. Until then, sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the flight.?‍♂️

What is GitHub Copilot?

We all love weekend but this Friday was definitely different, surprising and overwhelming with happiness because finally got my hands on GitHub Copilot.


As a developer, our primary objective is to be efficient and agile with the changes in upcoming technology. But trying to code in a new language or unfamiliar framework has its own toll of consuming efforts either by looking into docs or searching through the web.?

Even at this time, Copilot is helping me to get a head start in writing this blog. I am using it to write about my journey in this field and to share my experiences with the community. - NOT MY WORDS MY COPILOT IS TOO SMART!?


It would be delusional to think that Copilot is just a mere auto-suggestion tool, however in my view it's one of your teammates who knows everything on the web, sitting right beside you, understanding your context line by line and giving you the best suggestions.

How to install?

A simple 3 step process :

  • Search for the extension
  • install it.
  • Sign in to Github and Authorize it.

Note:- Copilot is in the preview phase and is not yet available for the public.

Let's Fly! ?

As a backend developer, setting up the express server, setting up routes and middleware, fetching and writing data to the database are the usual and inevitable tasks. Let's Test whether Copilot can help us with this or not.

  • Initializing Repository with npm init and installing the express package from npm.
  • Do some slight import so that GitHub Copilot knows what libraries we are using.

    Set up Express server

    Set up Routes and middleware

    Set up POST Route

    READ From dynamoDB

    WRITE To dynamoDB.

    Performing tasks like converting string to characters

Experience with Copilot

Ladies and gentlemen?, Once again this is your captain speaking, I hope you had a great time with my Github Copilot.?‍✈️ My Copilot can do a lot more things ranging from testing, sorting, etc and understands Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, Java and Go and dozens of more languages.

I think Github Copilot is serious about the saying More is always less and it is true. The more you use it, the better it gets. With my usage till this date, copilot has been working really well, of course, the suggestions are not always 100 per cent accurate but it is a good start.

It definitely helps me save time.

Till then, Happy Learning!