I Attended Zendesk Bootcamp- Day 1

I Attended Zendesk Bootcamp- Day 1

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I Attended Zendesk Bootcamp - Day 1

Hi i am Shaheen, i attended the Zendesk Pre-sales onboarding bootcamp. I am writing this blog to share the knowledge i gained from this Zendesk bootcamp.

The topics that were covered were as follows:

  • Introduction to Zendesk Platform
  • Champions of Customer Service
  • Zendesk Common Use Cases
  • Zendesk Messaging

Zendesk Platform

Champions of Customer Service

Zendesk makes customer service better. its a software built to meet customer needs, set the team up for success, and keep the business in sync.


The reasons why one has to choose Zendesk are as follows:

  • Very easy to use by anyone
  • It is a very open and flexible
  • Data rich as we can get the accurate reports etc.,

Common Use Cases/ Applications

Zendesk is widely used in industries like Customer Support

  • Product or Tech Support
  • Customer Service, CRM , CX
  • Call Center solution
  • Omni channel customer support
  • Self-service / Customer portal

Zendesk is also used in IT industry for

  • IT helpdesk
  • IT engineering
  • Business applications
  • Market apps and custom apps

In HR industry

  • People Ops
  • Recruiting
  • HRIS/Analytics
  • Workplace experience
  • Compensation and other Internal and External collaboration with
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Vendor Management
  • Partner management
  • Sales (Zendesk Sell)

Zendesk Messaging

Zendesk has built the messaging conversations over the years from 2017 to 2022 starting from live chat enhancements  in 2017 and Social Messaging in 2020 to Web and Mobile Messaging and Flow Builder in 2021.

Why do Customers Prefer Messaging Explained by Zendesk

Zendesk Messaging delivers rich conversational experiences that are connected across Web, Mobile or social apps. it's easy to automate right out of the box, and can be completely be customized with open and flexible platform.

Messaging is preferred by customers over the other ways to connect to the customer support

Zendesk is an Extensible platform on Trusted AWS public cloud with Native connections on Amazon Web Services with Single customer view, Omni-Channel Conversations and it is trusted by large digital transformers.
Thank you for your time!!




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