I tried Importing Data from Zendesk to Google Sheets using Coefficient




Hemanth of Alliance Department here. In this blog, i tried importing data from Zendesk to Google Sheets using Coefficient.


A cloud-based help desk management solution offering a customer service portal, knowledge base, and online communities to be built. The solution offers a front-end portal, live chat features that are customizable and can be integrated with applications like salesforce and google analytics.


In order to keep your reports, dashboards, and insights current, the solution connects to, automates, and shares live data in Google Sheets. With only one click, integrate Google Sheets with any source platform. Sync data from your source systems with your spreadsheet automatically. Slack and email alerts can help you keep an eye on your spreadsheets.

Google Sheets

The requirements of agile businesses were taken into consideration when creating Sheets. Making informed business decisions is now possible thanks to AI features. Collaboration with anybody, anytime, anywhere is made possible via a cloud-based architecture. The difficulty of interacting with numerous data sources is eliminated through compatibility with external systems, such as Microsoft Office.


In sheets click on extensions Now click on Add-ons Now search for Coefficient in google workspace marketplace click on install choose the preffered google account Next click on allow Now in extensions click on coefficient and click on launch Click on import click on add connection and click on Zendesk Paste Zendesk account link, click authorize and click allow I'm choosing to start from click on start from scratch Select your parameters, fields and click on import It starts to import data from Zendesk into googlesheets
Data successfully imported from Zendesk to Google sheets


Connecting Google Sheets and Zendesk is possible in a number of ways. User can import data from Zendesk into Google Sheets without writing any code and Coefficient, Google's data connector are some of ways importing data from Zendesk. Google Apps Script is another alternative for people who are technically sound.