I tried setting up a collector in Sumo Logic to collect logs from Github



Hemanth from the Department of Alliance. I'll demonstrate how to set up a Sumo Logic collector to automatically collect logs from GitHub in this blog article.

Sumo Logic

Before going further let's understand what sumo logic is. A cloud-based log management and analytics software called Sumo Logic enables businesses to exploit their machine data for useful insights. Sumo Logic's flexible capabilities make log data analysis simple and offer real-time visibility into operational and security insights.


Developers can work together on software projects, manage their code, and participate in open source communities using the GitHub platform. Over 100 million developers utilize GitHub worldwide, and it is the home to many well-known open source projects. This platform promotes creativity and collaboration, allowing people from all over the world to create anything they can imagine.


Log into your Sumo logic account, navigate to Manage data, then click on collection and click "Add Collector" button located in the top right click on hosted collector Provide a name and description for the hosted collector as required, select your preferred time zone and click save Configuring an HTTP Source on to the created hosted collector by clicking on Add Source at right hand side of the created collector Search for HTTP Logs and Metrics and select it Assign a name and a source category, input key and value. Keep other settings as default before saving Copy the displayed HTTP source Address for later use. After that click ok. Configuring Github Webhook, sign in to Github account, Navigate to your organization, in that repository and click on settings Click on Webhooks in the left-hand menu and click on add webhook
Paste the copied HTTP source address in the payload URL, set the content type as application/json Note - If you have misplaced your URL then you can regenerate as shown below For events you would like to trigger, you can select any of below only "push events", "send me everything" or "selecting individual events" (there are many options if you have preference select them). I am selecting "send me everything". Click the active section and click on add webhook Webhook has been added successfully To ensure Sumo Logic comprehends incoming events, enable the x-github-event event type. Return to sumo logic and bottom left under collection click on logs click "Add", give the above name it "x-github-event" and click save. You can check the collection tab once


After completion of the above steps, your setup is complete. Successfully established a collector in Sumo Logic to gather valuable logs from GitHub.