I tried the GitHub App Installation via the Sumo Logic App Catalog for Improved Dashboarding and Search Capabilities to Unlock Data Analysis



Hemanth from the Department of Alliance. I'll demonstrate how to install Github app via the Sumo Logic App Catalog for Improved Dashboarding and Search Capabilities to Unlock Data Analysis.

Sumo Logic

Before going further let's understand what sumo logic is. A cloud-based log management and analytics software called Sumo Logic enables businesses to exploit their machine data for useful insights. Sumo Logic's flexible capabilities make log data analysis simple and offer real-time visibility into operational and security insights.


Developers can work together on software projects, manage their code, and participate in open source communities using the GitHub platform. Over 100 million developers utilize GitHub worldwide, and it is the home to many well-known open source projects. This platform promotes creativity and collaboration, allowing people from all over the world to create anything they can imagine.

Follow the below if you still haven't set your collector and source for your github in Sumo logic


Navigating to app catalog within sumo logic, search for github app and click to select it. click on install app and installation process starts Click on option of open setup doc or follow the above blog and finish the initial setup procedure. Once completed click "Next". Now choose the source_category of app as below, freely select the folder of your choice or create your own folder. After selection click on next. Successfully completed installation After the installation is finished, you are prepared to explore a variety of pre-built dashboards and search features:

Some of Dashboards such as Github Overview Github - Pull Request Overview Github User Activity Navigating Github Logs with Some of specialized log searches: Open Pull Requests Pull Requests opened in last 24 hours


We have unlocked a world of insights by seamlessly merging sumo logic with github's collaborative capability and extensive log analysis. We have access to improved dashboarding, quick searches, and thorough analysis.