I tried using Twilio Programmable Video

I tried using Twilio Programmable Video

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Hello everyone, I tried deploying my own video collaboration app using Twilio.

Twilio is a communication platform leveraged by the developers. It is a cloud communications platform that provides APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for building messaging, voice, and video applications.

So we will be implementing Twilio Programmable Video here which will be similar to the other meeting portals we use. To start, we have to clone the git repository provided by Twilio for Programmable Video through this link .

Next, change the directory to 'twilio-video-app-react'(name of your folder) and install npm.

cd twilio-video-app-react

npm install

Next we have to install Twilio command line interface.

For macOS,

brew tap twilio/brew && brew install twilio

For windows,

scoop bucket add twilio-scoop https://github.com/twilio/scoop-twilio-cli

scoop install twilio

Once that's done, we will use Twilio CLI to install Twilio plugins.

twilio plugins:install @twilio-labs/plugin-rtc

To deploy our application, we have to run,

npm run deploy:twilio-cli

Once that is done, you will receive a web app URL and a passcode. Next, you can copy that URL, enter the passcode and you can access your meeting room.

The error I got:

I met with an error here as I was getting the same room credentials which was already expired. The possible reason was the room was still active on the server-side, but the token I was receiving to access the room was expired. In that case I tried few commands which helped me receive the fresh token.

I tried using the '--override' keyword but still the problem was same.

Start a new session on your command prompt. Login with Twilio CLI and install the RTC plugin.

Run the following command to view the URL and passcode for the Video app.

twilio rtc:apps:video:view

Now if you see an app present, try deleting the existing app,

twilio rtc:apps:video:delete

Now again try running the view command to check if the app is deleted or not. If the app is deleted you can deploy it again using the following command

npm run deploy:twilio-cli

You must have got access to your video app now. You can enter your room name and passcode, invite others, start/stop recording and do many more things. Try to explore more and do drop a comment in case of any query.

Thank you!

Happy Learning:)


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