Handing Over the Whole Game Backend. Introducing Game Server Services

GS2 is a BaaS for game developers with over 40 different backend features. It eliminates the need for developers to create functions from scratch and manage infrastructure, allowing them to focus on the front-end of their games.

Hello, this is Irii from the Game Solution Dept.

I have just released the following video about Game Server Service (GS2).

This video provides an overview of GS2, the benefits of implementing it, and what specific features it offers.

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What is Game Server Services(GS2)

GS2 = Backend as a Service(BaaS)

GS2 is a service that provides back-end functions for games, and is classified as a Backend as a Service, commonly known as BaaS, type of service. BaaS refers to a cloud service that takes over the back-end functions of an application or system on behalf of the developer.

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If the necessary backend functions exist within GS2, game developers can be freed from the trouble of designing and developing functions from scratch and managing complex infrastructures. This freedom allows them to concentrate on developing the front-end parts of the game that the users will actually see and interact with, which is where their efforts should ideally be focussed.

GS2 provides all essential game development features.

GS2 provides over 40 different game backend features.

By introducing GS2, you can escape from the repetitiveness of so-called "reinventing the wheel", where you'd typically have to develop common functions from scratch for each game project. This allows you to focus more on delivering unique game experiences to the players.

Comparison of development flow when GS2 is not introduced and when it is introduced

Now let's delve into the specific labor benefits of introducing GS2, focusing on the development flow.

Firstly, I'll run you through the flow if GS2 isn't used in the game development process necessitating backend functionalities.

Initially, backend development tasks are a must. After designing, implementing, and debugging, the newly developed functions are deployed on newly constructed infrastructure. Once the backend environment is set up, work needs to be done to utilize it. Necessary master data is set in a database or similar, and then the game client implements the process to call the backend.

This workflow needs to be followed for each backend function, making the whole process time-intensive and complex.

Now, let's move on to the development flow when GS2 is adopted.

In this flow, if the required functionality exists in GS2, development of that functionality is not required. GS2 is responsible for the development of back-end functions and all infrastructure-related work. Therefore, the left half of the previous flow becomes unnecessary.

Also all the infrastructure construction and operations necessary for backend functions are handled by GS2, relieving developers of those concerns.

The GS2 infrastructure holds scalability to cope with sudden traffic surges, so user game experience will not be impaired by load-induced latency. To give concrete figures, it has been verified in advance by load tests to handle up to 100,000 accesses per second.

In addition, the server security is at the top level in the industry. The latest OS and middleware are always being used, and there are robust access restrictions on the server itself.

In terms of using GS2's backend, you can customize functions with scripts and set master data as needed.

After these tasks are completed, you need to implement the backend call part in the game client. But don’t worry, as a user-friendly SDK, it eliminates the need to figure out a system for calling GS2 functions from scratch. This greatly improve your development process and reduces complexity.

For SDKs, the following game engines and programming languages are available

  • Game Engine
    • Unity
    • Unreal Engine
  • Programming Language
    • Java
    • PHP
    • Go
    • Python
    • TypeScript
    • C#

Backend functions that GS2 has

GS2 doesn't only house backend functionalities for games, but it also offers features necessary for development and operations. Each function can be broadly categorized as follows.

I'll dive deeper into what kind of features each of these categories encompasses.

Player Profile

Example of a feature for managing player information.


Example of an economic feature within the game that involves the use of in-game currency and items.


Example of a communication feature that supports interaction between players.


Example of system features beneficial for the operation of the game.


Some features essential for server development and operations.

  • GS2-Deploy
    • Creates resources for each service based on pre-established templates.
    • GS2-Deploy
  • GS2-Identifier
    • Allows for the management of user-specific credentials for accessing GS2.
    • GS2-Identifier
  • GS2-Log
    • Responsible for the aggregation and computation of logs from various GS2 functions.
    • GS2-Log

Examples of using GS2 in social games

As you can see from the features introduced thus far, GS2 is equipped with numerous functionalities tailored for social game backends. Depending on the specifications of a social game, GS2 alone can cover all backend functionalities.

For instance, essential functions required in a typical social game include mechanisms for player authentication, management of in-game information such as owned characters or items, billing, lottery, player interactions, game operations, and game server development and maintenance.

In GS2, by combining available services, you can singularly realize these functions.

Classmethod, Inc. provides support for GS2 implementation.

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