Introduction of Classmethod Operation Team

This article introduce Classmethod Operation Team - mission, provided services. subteams etc.


Today many new employees have joined Classmethod. They're not only Japanese but also Korea and Vietnam. Welcome aboard! I appreciate that Classmethod is evolving into a more international company.

In this article, I want to introduce the operation team in which I belong to. I'm happy if you will be interested in our team.

What is the operation team?

The operation team is the part of AWS Busines Unit. The main mission of the team is to help customers who subscribe Classmethod Members Service.

Classmethod Members Service is the total support service to enable the customers to use AWS more efficiently. It includes:

  • Technical Support:
    • QA support of AWS use
    • Operation agency service (optional)
    • Monitoring agency service (optional)
    • Consulting service (optional)
  • Customer support:
    • AWS Request agency service
    • Billing agency service
    • Account management service

Some service is provided by other teams (for example, consulting service is provided by the consulting team), but the operation team provides to many of the above. Our responsibility is serving these services stably with high quality.

Team breakdown

There are two groups in our team - one is the technical support group and another is the customer support group. And some subteams are in these groups as follows:

Operation team
├── Technical support group
│   ├── Technical support team
│   ├── Service operation team
│   ├── KAIZEN(=improvement) team
│   └── Enterprise support team
└── Customer support group
    ├── Account team
    ├── Service support team
    ├── AWS business concierge team
    └── Quality management team


We provide 24/365 support for customers. To do this, we have branch offices in Berlin, Vancouver and some other places outside Japan. These branch offices cover the timeframe which is out of Japanese business hours.

Surely, all members can work remotely. Now almost members of Classmethod are working from home due to the situation and it works well.

Role of groups and subteams

Technical support group

The technical support group helps the customers technically.

  • Technical support team responds to technical questions from the customers regarding AWS, including troubleshooting.
  • Service support team supports technical agency services - operation agency service and monitoring agency service.
  • KAIZEN(=improvement) team develop tools/scripts to improve/automate internal processes.
  • Enterprise support team is dedicated to supporting some specific enterprise.

Customer support group

The customer support group serves various services without technical support for the customers.

  • Account team owns AWS and Classmethod members account management. The team also manages the customer's AWS root account securely to reduce the management load of the customer.
  • Service support team responds to request regarding AWS services, such as service quota increase, pre-warming request, purchasing RI/SP, etc.
  • AWS business concierge team assists to improve the AWS business.
  • Quality management team owns to keep the quality of Members service. The team also responds to external audits of some certifications such as ISO, PCI-DSS, SOC2, etc.

Actually, I'm appointed to group leader of the customer support group from Today(1st of April 2020). I will try to improve the services and want to raise customer satisfaction!

In conclusion

The operation team is serving support to help the customers and trying to improve the service quality. But the inquiries from the customer we receive is too many so we need more people to co-work with us. So I appreciate it if you're interested in our team and join us someday.