?‍?Learn AWS skills by playing Cloud Quest ?‍?



We all love games and have played or still play games, what if we learn AWS Cloud by playing one such game?

AWS on 2022/02/15 launched a revolutionary metaverse-like game based on role-playing AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practioner. It's a free hands-on learning experience for someone who wants to learn and acquire cloud computing skills

Cloud Quest is the first of its kind in the AWS Cloud Practitioner program. It's a game that helps you learn cloud computing skills and become a cloud practitioner.

Cloud Quest is the newest way to build your aws skills, teaches by hands-on practice, using reward system which allows users to collect gems in their quest to solve challenges.

Do check out Cloud Practioner POV.

What is AWS Cloud Quest


  • In simple words, it is a role-play based game which teaches you to build cloud solutions using cloud concepts, guided LABS and DIY challenges.

  • You will be Cloud practioner who helps citizens of the city by solving their problems through building cloud solutions.

island view

  • There are 12 assignments along with various essential cloud computing concepts, assignments and learning objects.

  • You are the master of your own pace and, and your technical training will be reinforced using various hands on labs, DIY challenges, rewards, puzzles and simulations.


  • OS: 64Bit operating system (Windows, macOS and Linux)
  • Storage: 1GB available space
  • Network: Broadband internet connection
  • Browser: Firexfox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browser (HTML 5, WebGL 1.0 or 2.0, WASM)

Customize your AVATAR

  • There are tons of customizations, unique challenges which makes Cloud Quest an ultra friendly way to develop and learn cloud computing skills at the AWS Cloud Practioner level.

  • Cloud quest is like any other modern game, which allows you to customise your avatar according to your liking and taste.

Customize your avatar

customize your avatar 2

Understanding Solutions Requirements with Real world Problems

  • In Cloud Quest, there will be various people who will be asking for your help to solve their business problems.


  • Here comes the fun part where you will uunderstand those problems, gather requirements, learn cloud computing concepts and suggest them solutions.


Learn | Plan | Practice | DIY



  • Here you will interact and understand the solution walk-through with architecture diagram.


  • In this section, you will also learn about the concepts through videos provided by AWS.



  • This section enables you to plan your solution by brainstorming upon the architecture diagram.


  • The knowledge and concepts you have learned its time to practice using guided learning.


  • This section also provides Lab files needed to perform the solution.


  • The best part is yet to come, AWS provides a practice lab with live AWS Environment to tweak and build your solution, which gives access to actual AWS console and services that is why Cloud quest is a unique learning tool.



  • This section provides and small challenge to test your learning about the problem and solution which you have acquired in this assignment using live AWS environment

  • Once you are done, you need to validate your solutions and submit the asked parameter in the validation form.



Cloud Practioner POV

  • Cloud Quest covers 12 essential assignments ranging from cloud computing essentials -> file systems -> highly available applications. In my view these are the must known concepts for any cloud practioner who is just starting their jouney with AWS and cloud.

  • After completion of this game, you will be definitely considered as a cloud practioner who knows common cloud concepts, common use cases, billing and pricing models, security concepts and business impacts.

  • I personally believe as this game will enable individuals to step into the shoes of cloud professionals and cater highly available, scalable, cost effective, efficient cloud solutions; it is perfect learning tool for someone who has no experience with cloud computing.

Till then, Happy Learning!