The cloud technology is the need of today ‘s ever changing world where technology is progressing at an exponential speed than any one of us could have ever imagined 5 years ago. Rise in the use and adoption of AI and Machine Learning, Data Science etc. are few fields which have accelerated the vehicle of technological innovation to great heights.

The Cloud technology has evolved as a perfect agile technology which easily integrates with other technologies in Information Technology area. And AWS always has been a major player in cloud business since the last 10 years due to its infrastructure vastness and scalability and cost effectiveness.

The certifications which I have cleared

I am pleased to discuss with you my journey of clearing all the four AWS associate level certifications.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The first certification which I cleared was the AWS Cloud Practitioner. I spent almost around 2 months to study for this exam and cleared it in the first attempt. I was very excited about entering this world of AWS cloud journey.

AWS Solution Architect Associate

The second one I targeted was AWS Solution Architect Associate. This was one of the most exciting certification I have cleared. While going through the learning process for this, I came to know many concepts and newer technologies that AWS offers to its customers. I came to know about the potential that AWS holds in this field of Cloud computing. I cleared this certification in the first attempt itself.

AWS SysOps Administrator Associate

Then I went onto the next one which was AWS Sys Ops Administrator Associate. Clearing this certification was also a very knowledgeable experience for me. The courses I went through all helped me clear this in the first attempt itself.

AWS Developer Associate

Then finally came the AWS Developer Associate. It was slightly difficult for me to prepare and pass this, since it contained sections which I had not studied in other certification’s learning. But nevertheless the training and learning which I had in Classmethod has surely helped me a long way in understanding the concepts via practical application of those.

The sources which I referred to to study for the certifications

For all my certifications the basic sources which I referred to were

  • The Udemy course of Stephan Maarek for the AWS Cloud practioner, For the other three certifications I referred to that of  A CLOUD GURU (I have pasted the links in the last bullet point).  The specialty of these courses was that the concepts related to various AWS services were explained with greater ease and simplicity. Moreover the practice labs at the end of each section in the course were really helpful to grasp the concepts and get a practical understanding of the use of the particular AWS service in real time scenarios. Here are the links of those


  • On the Udemy Platform, I also took some of the Practice tests of instructors like STEPHEN MAAREK and TUTORIALS DOJO. These practice tests helped me to get acquainted to the question level of the certification exam and helped me to assess myself if I am able to apply the concepts I have learned while answering the questions. The tests were so nicely curated that it also showed me the various areas and topics which I needed to work on for improvement. These all really helped me to stay confident for each of the exam I was appearing in.


  • The learnings I gathered while doing my training at Classmethod helped me a lot in preparing for this certification. Most importantly while doing the training, I was able to learn the practical application of the concepts which I have learned. I felt really excited while going through the Classmethod training because I was able to witness and learn how the service was being used in the case scenario given. For eg- I had a training in Terraform in Classmethod where I implemented a VPN connection in AWS using terraform. That had helped to learn the concept of AWS VPN from start to end which was really helpful for me in the exam since I could easily remember the functioning of it and could answer the question correctly.  I am very thankful to Classmethod for giving such an awesome learning experience and enriching my knowledge in terms of AWS.


  • Here are some of the links of the resources for reference



Finally I feel excited that I have cracked all the four associate level certifications, but the journey isn’t over yet. Now I will be embarking upon the specialty and professional level certifications and explore more of the AWS services so that I can be of some value in contributing to the growth of Classmethod, so that it becomes a one stop solution for clients requiring AWS services.