Redefining Call Summaries with the Power of Generative AI in Zendesk – Advent Calendar 2023 Day18 #Zendesk

Redefining Call Summaries with the Power of Generative AI in Zendesk – Advent Calendar 2023 Day18 #Zendesk

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Hello, this is Hemanth from Alliance Department. This blog is the 18th day article of Class Method Zendesk Advent Calendar 2023. This time, I would like to share about Redefining Call Summaries with the Power of Generative AI in Zendesk.


A cloud-based help desk management solution offering a customer service portal, knowledge base, and online communities to be built. The solution offers a front-end portal, live chat features that are customizable and can be integrated with applications like salesforce and google analytics.

Zendesk Talk

Zendesk Talk allows you to easily integrate phone calls into your current Zendesk platform. From a single dashboard, handle voicemails, answer calls, and even transcribe messages. Utilize intelligent features like call recording to increase the efficacy of your team, route calls effectively, and view customer details in advance for a personalized touch. In essence, Zendesk Talk turns your phone system into a customer support powerhouse, all while being discretely part of your well-known Zendesk interface.

Generative AI in Zendesk (Zendesk AI)

Zendesk's generative AI (Zendesk AI) uses Advanced language processing. This unique function generates draft responses to frequently requested questions by automatically analyzing your current Zendesk data. Just think of it: no more glancing at a blank page! It even offers many explanation options, so you can be sure that your customers understand everything. What's the best thing, then? This astute assistant continuously improves at what it does by taking in information from your input and its prior experience. Consider it your indefatigable writing companion, assisting you in accumulating a firm foundation of knowledge while you attend to other heroic responsibilities.

Working of Zendesk Talk

When a ticket is created through Zendesk Talk, the AI analyzes the voice, creating a transcribe with an internal note accessible only to agents, not customers. From that it creates call summaries. Note: Zendesk's Generative AI is currently available through the Early Access Program (EAP).

Small Demo

Log in to your Zendesk account and navigate to the admin center In channels, select Talk In settings, enable "Transcribe and summarize calls using Generative AI" and "show call transcripts on all tickets". Allow a few minutes for processing after enabling Make a phone call to the Talk phone number A call recording is created first, followed by a call transcript and, finally, a call summary, all in the form of an internal note

Announcing generative AI-powered call summarization for Zendesk Talk (EAP)

Using generative AI to create call summaries (EAP)


Though it is presently included with the EAP, this amazing Zendesk Talk add-on feature is quite valuable for businesses looking to increase efficiency. Supervisors can rapidly grasp and address issues with conveniently accessible transcripts, while agents can easily comprehend and escalate tickets. Customers will benefit greatly from it as it allows for quicker ticket handling and reduces tension while resolutions are made. It provides cost savings and increased efficiency from a business standpoint, opening the door to more work with fewer agents. CRM's future is getting closer by the day.


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