Amazon Alexa at IFA


“ I am everywhere but cannot be seen, captured or held - what am I?"

Amazon Alexa at IFA 2017


The real answer to that riddle is 'voice'. However since Amazon Alexa responds to voice commands,  Alexa is still a good answer.

The IFA is considered the biggest consumer electronic exhibition in the world and it takes place in Berlin every year.

This year Amazon Alexa was noted by some as a "huge power player”.  Amazon Alexa was built into hundreds, if not thousands of devices.  Consumers were gazing at it (her?) the whole time.

LG robot

LG's Hub Robot

More info on Hub Robot here



However for a „huge power player“, they took up a rather modest size booth. Modest wehen you consider the lengths that Samsung went through for example.

amazon-alexa stand

Amazon Alexa stand

The Alexa stand was located in the „IFA Next” hall. This was the hall’s first appearance at the IFA. It was designed especially for “R&D” and “Start ups”. The Alexa stand showed various products by other companies which have incorporated Amazon Skills Kit (ASK) and Alexa Voice Service (AVS) into their products. These include the first hand-held Alexa androids, speakers, light switches etc.

ifa next

Entrance to IFA Next hall

Alexa objects

Various gadgets with Alexa technology built in

One innovative company from Japan called Cerevo, located in the same hall across from the Amazon Alexa stand displayed the first ever smart lamp integrated with Amazon Alexa. The lamp also has an impressive webcam which can live stream any work you are doing.

The lamp is called Lumigent.  This is Cerevo’s first product that incorporates Amazon Alexa. A Cerevo representative explained that although the lamp has it's own built in voice-command, they wanted to use Amazon Alexa as a means to adopt to the Alexa trend. With lumigent one can control various aspects of the lamp by giving it commands, for example “Alexa, turn on Lumigent” or “Alexa make it brighter” (see image below)

The Lumigent smart lamp is set to be released later this year.


Lumigent Lamp turned on by Alexa

lumigent on

Lumigent Lamp with instructions

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