[Update] AWS Launches new version of Nitro System : Nitro v5 #reInvent

[Update] AWS Launches new version of Nitro System : Nitro v5 #reInvent

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Hello Everyone!

AWS announced Nitro v5, a new version of Nitro System at the Keynote Session of re:Invent 2022.

What is Nitro?

Nitro System is a collection of purpose-built hardware and software components. Nitro is a hypervisor built for high security and performance. Many EC2 Instance types are built on Nitro System.

Here are some of the benefits of Nitro :

  1. Improved Security.
  2. Ability to turn any server into a full EC2 Instance.
  3. Improved Networking and storage performance
  4. It also supports bare metal EC2 Instances.
  5. All server resources are devoted to customer workloads.

Previous Generations of Nitro

The below slide shows the comparison between the various Nitro Generations. There are basically 4 previous generations of Nitro with improved Bandwidth and Packet rates for each version. The slide also shows the Nitro-based C-type EC2 Instance for each version of the Nitro.



Nitro V5

AWS Nitro v5 was made GA[General Available] at the Keynote session. Nitro v5 is a Custom Silicon, which was built by Annapurna Labs. It is a high-performance chip with 2x Transistors, 50% Faster DRAM Speed and 2x more PCIe Bandwidth.



There are three components describing the Performance Gains of Nitro v5 :

  • PPS - Nitro v5 has a 60% higher PPS.
  • Latency - 30% lower latency.
  • Performance - It has 40% better performance per Watt.




Nitro-based Instances are designed for compute-intensive workloads. Nitro v5 has better performance when compared to previous versions of Nitro.


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