Classmethod (Europe) Social Contribution Program : Papas Tapas

Classmethod Europe sponsored the local restaurant "Papas Tapas" with the Social Contribution Program. Here you can find details of the activity and recipient.


I am pleased to tell you about the most recent activity of Classmethod Europe’s Social Contribution Program. A local restaurant in Birth, Niederkrüchten has been sponsored in the midst of the second lockdown.

Social Contribution Program

Classmethod Europe initiated their Social Contribution Program with the aim of increasing communication between its business and society. We support various candidates either financially, or by providing our services free of charge.

Since the launching of the program in March 2020, Classmethod has successfully funded the following 5 projects:

Sponsorship to Local Restaurant

I have nominated a local restaurant called Papas Tapas to be the 6th recipient of the sponsorship.

A second lockdown has taken effect in Germany in order to keep COVID-19 from spreading. However, because of this, local businesses such as cafes, restaurants and small shops have been struggling to sustain themselves.

This sponsorship is part of our ongoing commitment to support communities around us.

Papas Tapas


Papas Tapas is located in Birth at the border between Germany and the Netherlands. It is the last restaurant in the town.

Prior to becoming a restaurant, the location had been a clubhouse called “Zur Tenne.” For 30 years “Zur Tenne” had been a favorite meeting place for neighborhood locals.

In March 2020, Oliver Wehrmann (Oli) took over the clubhouse and opened a Tapas bar just before COVID-19 began its rapid spread in Germany.

As a Beloved Gathering Place

Even though Oli had not run the business for very long, I could see that he succeeded in carrying on the concept of the clubhouse as a beloved gathering place.

In one corner, every weekend late at night, 4 to 5 gray hair gentlemen drink and chat with smiles on their faces. One also sees young families with lovely kids enjoying special dinners, and for senior couples having small snacks and drinks with calm.

Greetings are heard here and there, as someone jumps in at an old friend’s table spontaneously. If you are visitingPapas Tapas for the first time, no worries. Great waitresses and waiters are always there to welcome you. They are young people who grew up in this town.

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Glad to Assist Communities Around!

The vibe of the town has turned silent by the lockdown. It is clear to the town that Oli’s bar is an important contributor to uplifting the community spirit. This place is more than just a restaurant.

It is a generous decision for Classmethod Europe to sponsor others during these tough times. Our financial donation to Oli not only helps him keep his business, but also assists in keeping the local community alive!