Classmethod (Europe) GmbH Gives Charitable Donation to German Red Cross in Fight Against Corona Crisis


The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined the Coronavirus(COVID-19) outbreak as a global health emergency. The pandemic has tragically spread to hundreds of thousands people world-wide. We at Classmethod (Europe) GmbH are determined to help individuals and communities as they try to combat with the virus spreading.

The severity of the situation has inspired our team members to take immediate action to utilize our Social Contribution Program in order to donate 2,500 euros to the German Red Cross (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e.V.). Our Social Contribution Program was established to grow valuable connections within our society. Simply, we want to give back to our communities which have done so much for us.

Through this donation we pledge our support to the heroic efforts of medical practitioners and social workers as they work tirelessly to help those affected by the Coronavirus. The German Red Cross is made up of more than 435,000 volunteers and around 177,000 full-time employees. Donations and funding help with the following:

    • supporting nationwide mobile medical/fever monitoring stations,
    • care of returnees from not only Wuhan, also from other countries,
    • take samples and care for patients to relieve their burden in the clinics,
    • organise assistance for elderly and particularly vulnerable people who cannot go outside, provide food packages,
    • look after children who has less care

The following highlights more contributions of the German Red Cross: sending masks, and calling volunteers continuously. Their response helps to protect the elderly and the vulnerable from the risk of infection. Their effort also helps balance workloads for medical experts so they can focus on treatments.

The President of the German Red Cross Gerda Hasselfeldt said,

"the end of the pandemic is not YET in sight". 

Classmethod (Europe) has the greatest respect, and gratitude to all of the medical practitioners, and social workers who are working on the frontline during this pandemic. We will continue in our efforts to look for ways to contribute.